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Parenting Tips: Are You A Credit Card Daddy?

The modern days have ushered in restless pace, with targets to reach the mercantile summit. With the pursuit of mercantile gains, there is very less focus on relationships. The reckless rat race has only reduced fathers to credit card daddies. How many of the busy bees in the high end of the career ladder spend quality time with their kids? It is but an irony when we look for parenting tips.

Mercantile Goals

While it is imperative to provide the necessary financial support to the family, it is also important to understand that money alone cannot sustain the happiness of the family. Modern fathers set a goal and pursue it with undivided focus, planning to settle comfortably with the family, once after having reached a decided summit. However, it is too late when they turn back to their family to realise that life has slipped through quietly.

Somehow the delusion sets in that substituting their presence with with presents, is an effective way of proving their presence. It is but too late when they realise what a poor substitute their credit card is, for their fatherly attention and guidance, when they understand that people have moved on with their life, with their presence hardly felt or experienced.

Presence Vs Presents

Good parenting does not account to merely giving expensive gifts. Expensive gifts can never fill the place of attention and guidance for the children. A well chiseled life for children with fatherly attention at different phases of life can never be achieved through credit cards. This is one of the important of all parenting tips.

Expensive gifts may fulfill the wants of the children, but the unseen needs are not attended to, with the soul of the family quietly killed.

A wholesome life with all the knowledge and experience of one's life, passed down to the children is hampered through having one's focus entirely on one's career alone.

Financial pampering can never provide the valuable guidance a father can provide, which works invariably in different phases of children's life.

Little moments of togetherness accounts for greater bonding, paving way for a happy family. The soul of the family is enriched with blossoming relationships wrought by attachment through effective parenting.

Attachment or bonding with the family, is a result of good parenting.

A party thrown for your daughter on her birthday or an expensive holiday with your family may not actually make a good impact as spending quality time with them on day to day basis.

Your personal attention weighs more than all the gifts, which promises support and guidance through out their life.

Further more material makeovers can never be able to satiate their emotional needs. So good parenting does not account to only fulfilling material needs.

So try to strike a perfect balance between work and life. If life passes away unnoticed, blame it on yourself, for you have not given the attention. Establishing your presence in the family by the way of your very presence is the most effective of all parenting tips.

Story first published: Wednesday, January 5, 2011, 15:51 [IST]
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