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The Pretty Parrot And The Fiery Fox

By Staff

There born a pretty parrot for the Parrot couple in the great jungle. The baby parrot was so pretty that everyone wanted to have a glance at her. However owing to her infant stage, her parents always kept her inside the house.

The pretty parrot on the other hand was so ignorant of her infant condition. Whenever somebody calls out for her, she fluttered her wings to play out with the visitor. She used to forget her mother"s advice to stay away from the strangers.

One day, a fox named Fiery came to the forest. She heard a lot about the Pretty parrot and wanted to possess her inside the tummy. She went near Pretty parrot"s nest when her parents flew out for their preying.

Fiery fox called out " Pretty parrot, Pretty parrot Can you please come out? . I have taken a lot of ways Only to play with you."

The innocent Pretty parrot felt so happy to have a new friend. She fluttered her wings and crawled out of the nest. Then she started falling through the branches unable to life herself with the wings.

The Fiery fox opened her mouth, ready to catch the pretty parrot. The pretty parrot saw a dangerous cave opening down for her. All of a sudden she felt a cool touch on her and she was unconscious.

When Pretty parrot opened her eyes, she was in the lap of nightingale nanny. Owing to her old age, Nightingale nanny was resting at her nest, while she heard the Fiery fox calling out for Pretty parrot. She flew to the rescue at once.

Pretty parrot was completely shaken by the time her parents returned. She clang to her anxious mother"s chest and promised that she will not disobey her. The elders soothed her and they had a good life ahead.

Moral of the story: As a child you should listen to your parents. They are there to protect you and soothe you always.

Story first published: Monday, November 16, 2009, 16:50 [IST]
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