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A Game For Artificial Intelligence

By Staff

Worried about your kid's intelligence? Here is a game to teach artificial intelligence for kids. A new computer game called "Gorge" will develop children's artificial intelligence,computer,gorge,social interaction skills and enable them to understand artificial intelligence.

George helps the children to influence artificial intelligence all by themselves. The pieces should be moved around the board and must reach a final destination. A die will decide the movements of the pieces. When a piece comes to a square occupied by another piece, it will be pushed the next unoccupied square.

The Gorges that criss cross the paths inspire the name of the game. A piece can pass a gorge, only if it is helped by another piece. The helper piece can decide whether the piece should get out of the gorge or leave it to perish in the gorge. In other words, the helper piece may either act as a villain or a hero.

Gorge can be played in three ways. In the first type, two people can play against each other. In the second type, one can play against the computer. The third version is of one computer playing against another computer. The children can decide whether they have to play against a good or bad opponent.

The result of this game is that the children themselves observe, what sort of behavioural problems that this artificially intelligent machine develops. Its actions may be either aggressive or defensive. The Gorge can hit your computer on March 3rd of 2009.

Story first published: Wednesday, February 11, 2009, 15:19 [IST]
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