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Mother's Day 2022: Work From Home Tips For Mothers

Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year - by the majority of the countries around the world. While the dates vary every year, Mother's Day 2022 is celebrated on 08 May.

The day honours motherhood and maternal binds, celebrating the role mothers play in society. It is believed that the modern Mother's Day celebration first began in the US and was founded by Anna Jarvis.

With offices, schools, shops, malls and theatres completely shut down, you are naturally required to make adjustments and changes to your life, in accordance with the coming weeks (and hopefully not months).

Transitioning to a new way of working, that too abruptly can seem difficult, especially for mothers. Working with your kids around you can be a nightmare - millions of mothers agree. Kids demand around-the-clock attention and parenting while doing meetings and conference calls can be quite tiresome.

Here, we provide you with some effective tips that would help make your work from home not only a productive one but also a peaceful and fun one too.


1. Maintain A Firm Routine

After waking your kids up and preparing them for the day, now that school is shut, you have to take care of their portions as well, so that they don't fall behind when school reopens. Start work at the same time each day and wear what makes you feel sharp and confident [1].

In the same line, working from home has its own perks, that is, if your child s fussing during your office hours, you can take a break and sit down for work when your baby settles down.


2. Create A Comfortable Work Space

Just because you're not working at an office doesn't mean you cannot have an office space in your home. Do not choose a place that you normally would use for your leisure, such as a couch or a comfortable bean bag. And instead, create an organised space that will help improve your attention, energy, and even your sense of confidence - one that would keep you away from your kids affecting your work [2].

Some of the important things to note while creating your workspace are - a comfortable chair that has the right back support. Always make sure to adjust the chair to support your back using small pillows or cushions to avoid severe back pain after working for a long period of time. Studies point out that keeping your workspace clean and tidy can help motivate your work morale [3].


3. Set Boundaries

Child care experts point out that it is extremely important to set boundaries with your kids when working remotely [4]. In the current scenario, you can allow your kids to spend time doing things they fancy, such as painting or reading to keep them occupied.

However, you need to explain to your kids that this sort of will not be a routine. You are also required to tell your kids when you need to be in ‘do not disturb' mode, so that they may avoid you and give you the time to finish your office works [5].


4. Keep The Kids Entertained

Set up some toys, books or activities your kids would love picking up. This will help in keeping them engaged while improving their reading/writing/cognitive skills and allows you to be engaged in your office works.

You can also try setting up an activity centre in your home office so kids feel as if they have their own designated place to do things while you work on that project report [6].


5. Take Breaks

It is important that you take breaks in between work. Studies show that 90 per cent feel that taking a lunch break helps them to feel refreshed and ready to get back to work [7]. Breaks are important when working at home, especially when you have kids. Take a break of at least 10 minutes to talk to your kids, check on them or simply to take a walk around.

When taking this time to unplug and reset, do let your colleagues know as it shows that you are dedicated in your work and working remotely (as a mother) does not affect your work productivity.


6. Alternate Shifts With Your Partner

If you are in a position where both you and your partner are working from home, you can alternate shifts with your partner on taking care of the kids. This can make working remotely easier and productive.


7. Balance Your Work & Mommy Duties

As a mother, when working from home it is important that you keep our personal and professional life away from each other. Let your stress and ideas about work remain enclosed within working hours and vice-versa. Do not exceed your work hours and know when to log out [8].

To separate mentally from the rest of the house, setting up an office area is the easiest effective solution.


On A Final Word…

Working with your kids around can be a Himalayan task but does not mean that you can get it done. Plan out what you'll be working on ahead of time. Although it may not be possible for every type of occupation, try if you can. In addition to this, make sure you follow a healthy diet and get yourself some sunlight.

Be aware and do not panic. Stay home. Stay safe.

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