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7 Handy Tips That May Help Parents To Discipline Their Children

One of the most challenging aspects of parenting is to discipline the children. As a parent, you need to stay firm and consistent while disciplining your children, irrespective of your children's age. No doubt parents want their children to abide by the rules set by them (read: parents) but as a parent you yourself need to stick by the rules. Otherwise, your children may not take your words seriously.

So if you are finding ways to discipline your children and help them in becoming a better decision-maker then here are some tips for you.

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1. Set Some Rules For Your Children To Follow

Rules and discipline go hand in hand. Without abiding by certain basic rules, one can't become well-mannered and disciplined. Therefore, you can set some rules for your children to follow. You don't need to be in the army to discipline your children. All you need to do is some easy-to-follow rules. Such as you can ask them to get up early, water the plants, finish their homework on time, arrange their bookshelf and return home on time.

2. Try To Be A Bit Flexible At Times

There can be times when your children may not be able to follow some rules set by you. In such a situation, rather than slapping or scolding your children, you can remain a bit flexible. But it should be only when their intentions were not meant to break the rules. For example, suppose you have set a time when your children have to come back home, but since they were stuck in traffic or because their bicycle's tire flattened, you don't have to yell at them. Instead, ask them the reason for being late. This can help in making your children disciplined with the passing time.

3. Respond To The Mistakes Committed By Your Children

Sometimes parents tend to ignore the mistakes of their children, thinking they will later look into the matter. But you must know that this may encourage your children to break the rules and commit mistakes quite often. They may feel that it is absolutely okay to not be in discipline and do whatever seems right to them.

We are not saying that you need to slap your children the moment you find them doing something wrong. Instead, you can ask them to stop doing that particular work and tell them to behave in a better way.

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4. Avoid Being Too Harsh

Often parents think that yelling at their children will help them in disciplining their children. However, this is completely hypothetical and wrong.

There is a difference between being strict and being harsh. The former one not always comprises of using physical power and shouting. A firm and low voice can also show strictness.

Yelling or using physical power to discipline your children is never a good thing to do. This can have an adverse impact on your children and it can also make them hostile after a certain time.

5. Stick By The Rules Set By You

If you are among those parents who think rules are only meant for children and it is they who need to follow it at any cost then you may be wrong. For that reason, children learn from what they see you doing. If you are always busy on your phone or yell often, your children will learn the same.

If you want your children to behave properly then practice it yourself first.

6. Explain Why Discipline Is Important

There is a possibility that the idea of being disciplined may not appeal to your children and they may think of it as a punishment. But, it is your duty to make your children follow the rules. For this, you need to make them understand that why is it necessary for them to follow rules. Before making efforts to discipline your children, you need to share the reasons why it is necessary for them.

7. Let There Be A Communication

While doing all the things to make your children well-mannered and disciplined, do not forget to communicate with them on a regular basis. Let them know that you are there for them in every circumstance. Else your children may see you as a dictator. Love and affection are equally important for raising disciplined children.

There is no denying that pampering can spoil your children, but being too harsh and dictating every single thing to them can make it much worse for your kids. They may not listen to what you say and consider you as a bad parent.

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Therefore, stay a bit flexible, monitor your children from a safe distance and point it out to them wherever needed. This will not only help you in enforcing good qualities in your children but will also help to discipline them.

Story first published: Sunday, November 24, 2019, 8:30 [IST]