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Parenting During COVID-19: What You Need To Know

Parenting is challenging any time but all the more at times like this. Both parents and children are scared about the things going on in the world right now and worried when will it end. Parenting during a pandemic can be stressful but it can also be a good opportunity to spend time with our children and support in their development.

With schools and colleagues closed and many parents working from home, it is very important to use positive parenting and consider a healthy approach to deal with your children. Take a look at a few parenting tips which will help you interact constructively with your children during COVID-19.

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1. Set A Specific Time

Spending around 20 minutes or longer will prove to be helpful for your children to fight the stress of COVID-19. Set a specific time each day and spend it with your children. This will make them look forward to it each day and will also keep them happy.

2. Ask Your Child

Let your children chose their favourite hobby or task such as music or drawing to keep busy during the lockdown. This will help build their creativity and will keep them engaged for a longer time. Also, explain to them they cannot do certain activities due to social distancing rule.

3. Cook Together

If your child is a teenager, ask them to help you prepare their favourite meal. For example, if your child's favourite snack is a sandwich, ask them to read interesting sandwich recipes or to decorate the slices of bread.

4. Say No To Television

Watching television for a long time can affect your child's eyes. Engage your children in activities like reading a book, drawing or dancing which will keep them engaged without compromising on their health. Such activities will also improve their cognitive behaviour and creativity.

5. Exercise Together

Lockdown can affect your children's health both physically and mentally. The best thing is exercising together to their favourite music. This will keep them physically fit with a healthy mind to fight the stress of COVID-19.

6. Listen

As there has been a lot of COVID 19 news surfacing everywhere, your child might have heard something about it. Staying silent on COVID-19 topics can make your children prone to the infection due to lack of sufficient information. Therefore, the best way is to allow your children to talk freely and ask questions about COVID19 so that they can stay well-informed about the situation and keep themselves safe.

7. Answer Truthfully

When your child asks you a COVID 19 question which you are unable to answer, don't give them any wrong information about it. It's okay to not know the answers. Tell them you are working on it but avoid telling something that will make them believe other aspects of reality. Also, answer questions considering your child's age and their level of understanding.

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8. Be Supportive

The ongoing scenario can make your child scared or confused. Be supportive of them and ask them to share their feelings or any thoughts which might be bothering them due to the current situation. Sharing feelings reduce stress and anxiety and make you mentally prepared to deal with any kind of situations. Also, let them know that you are always there for them.

To Conclude

It can sometimes get hard to care for yourself as well as your children this stressful time. Things may go out of the hand when your child is a teenager and is driving you crazy. Instead of shouting or showing aggressiveness towards your children, try to talk to them and calm them down by using positive words. Don't forget to praise your child when they do something good or behave well. That will motivate them to behave often.