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6 Useful Tips For Effective Parenting That Will Help You To Raise Wonderful Kids

Parents are always on their toes to do the best for their kids and ensure that they are doing fine. For this, they try to be as caring and loving they can be. But, parenting is not a thing that can be learned. In fact, it is all about learning new things whilst giving the best to their kids. Still, some parents, especially those who are new in the world of parenting may need help to know the best parenting trends.

Fret no more, as we have listed down some of the parenting trends that are cool and can benefit your children. Scroll down to read about those trends.

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1. Providing Much Needed Space To Children

Providing necessary and needed space for children is a thing that not all parents can feel comfortable. For that reason, they prefer to make sure that their children are away from any problem and are doing fine. But constant monitoring and guiding can make children feel trapped. When you provide children with their own space and monitor them from a safe distance then children will also feel free to discuss their problems with you. They won't see you as a frustrating and conservative parent.

2. Letting Children Have Their Freedom

This is similar to letting your children have their space but with a slight difference. Sometimes, some parents give sufficient space to their children but do not allow them to enjoy their freedom.

For example, you may let your children spend some alone time in their room but won't allow going for a movie with their friends. Or you may stop your children from playing outdoors. This may lead to frustration and aggressiveness in your kids.

Therefore, it is a better idea to let the children have their own freedom.

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3. Assigning Some Easy-To-Do Responsibilities To Children

No doubt as a parent, you may want to ensure that your children are getting their necessities fulfilled. For this, you take care of every single and small detail of your children but this can make your children dependent. This way they won't be able to take a stand for themselves and won't understand their responsibilities.

We are not saying that you should ask your children to take up all the responsibilities of the house such as cleaning, earning money, handling finance, etc. But you can surely ask your children to help you by doing their own work. You can also ask them to make their beds, clean their room, get ready for their school, fill the empty water bottles, water the plant and much more. This way you will be making your children responsible and punctual.

4. Allowing Them To Make Friends

One can't deny that nobody other than parents can take care of their children so well. They are the one who knows and understands their kids in a better way. Parents can also easily distinguish between good and bad friends. But sometimes, parents are not comfortable with the idea of their children befriending other children and spending time with them.

As a parent, you need to understand that friendship is quite essential for every human. However, if you feel that your children have befriended someone wrong, then you can explain them calmly about the pros and cons but at the end of the day, it is their life, so they need to make a decision, not you.

5. Teaching Them The Importance Of Sports And Culture

There is a famous saying, 'All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy'. This can actually happen with your kids if you not let them engage in activities other than studies.

There was a time when parents wanted their children to focus only on their studies and excel in their academics. But sports and extracurricular activities are equally important for children. For that reason, it helps in making them healthy and fit. You can ask your children to take an interest in some outdoor sports like running, playing football, basketball, swimming, etc. to keep themselves healthy and strong.

6. Giving Them The Opportunity To Explore Their Interest Area

There is no denying that studies are quite important for your children and they must give importance to their studies. But it is equally important for your children to explore their interest area and pursue what they want to. Otherwise, your children may not give their best and hence would fail to fulfil their dreams. Maybe your children are better in a particular subject and want to make their career in a field related to it. Therefore, letting your children explore their interest areas can help them in becoming a better person with a bright career.

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There is no rule book when it comes to parenting, follow your guts, guide your children, accept them for who they are and they will shine surely.

Story first published: Thursday, November 14, 2019, 17:20 [IST]