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7 Healthy Beverages Women Can Consume For Postpartum Recovery

A healthy postpartum diet is essential to nourish the body of a mother after the delivery, carry out breastfeeding effectively by improving milk production and maintaining overall wellbeing. It is also essential to keep away common postpartum conditions like postpartum depression, which is often linked to insufficient maternal diet. [1]

Studies say that women often experience some digestive-related problems during the postpartum period due to numerous physiological changes. Some of these problems are constipation, flatulence (pregnancy gas), heartburn, nausea and vomiting. [2]

This makes women opt for some healthy and light drinks, soups or beverages than other food items. They are easily digestible by the body and provide the body with the vital nutrition needed during postpartum.

Here are some beverages or drinks women can consume during postpartum. Take a look.

1. Garlic milk

Garlic is generally recognised as a 'safe' food item that can be consumed during postpartum and breastfeeding. It is mainly used as a galactagogue (that helps in milk production) in India and Turkey, says a study. [3] Garlic milk is made by boiling homemade garlic paste in some water and then in milk, with some honey mixed. It may help relieve the back pain, inflammation in the vaginal area and digestive issues related to postpartum. Garlic milk has antioxidative, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-microbial properties.

2. Ginger-vinegar soup

A study talks about the benefits of ginger-vinegar soup, a special traditional drink consumed by postpartum Chinese women. Ginger-vinegar soup is rich in calcium and iron. It may help minimise bone loss in mothers during lactating and help in making the bones stronger. [4] Iron may help restore the blood loss during the delivery and help prevent complications like anaemia and depressive symptoms. [5]

3. Chicken soup

Medical experts suggest adding extra litres of fluid in the postpartum diet as it may help promote the production of milk and prevent dehydration. One way to add both the fluid and nutrition to the diet is chicken soup. It is hydrating and full of nutrients like vitamin B6, potassium, vitamin B12, protein and iron. Chicken soup may help maintain the electrolyte balance in the body and repair healthy bone, muscle and blood cells. [6]

4. Fennel water

Fennel, similar to garlic, is a galactagogue and may help increase milk supply in humans. According to a study, fennel is rich in phytoestrogens, plant-based xenoestrogen that have estrogen-like effects produced by the human endocrine system. It may help increase estrogen levels in the body, which are often dramatically decreased after the delivery. An increase in estrogen may help reduce the risk of postpartum depression and breast inflammation. [7]

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5. Yoghurt parfait

Yoghurt parfait is made with yoghurt, fresh fruits like berries and banana, fibre-rich granola and honey. As yoghurt is prebiotic, it may help maintain healthy gut flora and overall digestive function. It may also help strengthen the bones and improve maternal's health. It may also help reduce inflammation and lose pregnancy weight gain. [8]

6. Unsweetened almond milk

Fresh and unsweetened almond milk is a delicious and healthy method to supplement the milk supply. Almond is a galactagogue nut due to high amounts of linoleic acid. The acid is easily transferred into breastmilk upon consumption and helps regulate lactation hormones in the body. Also, it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids that may help improve mood and reduce symptoms of depression. [9]

7. Chamomile tea

Herbal teas like chamomile tea can be a good option for women during postpartum. The tea is rich in apigenin which has mild sedative properties. Chamomile tea can help improve sleep quality and alleviate depressive symptoms in postpartum women. The tea is also a muscle relaxant and may help reduce inflammation and muscle cramping. It is also good for alleviating constipation problems. [10]

To Conclude

Include the aforementioned beverages in your postpartum diet for better recovery.

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