How To Get Pregnant In One Month

Getting pregnant is in many ways a game of chances. There have been cases where a woman gets pregnant with just one encounter with her partner, while there are also couples who remain bereft of children, despite trying for years.

When you wish to get pregnant within a month, you should also keep in mind that all you can do is to do your part and hope for the best.

How to Get Pregnant in One Month

There are certain things that you can do to help your chances of getting pregnant in a month. In any given menstrual cycle, you have around 20 to 25 percent chance of getting pregnant. These are not very good numbers when you are intently trying to get pregnant.

But there are things that you can do to increase these numbers to 40 or 50 percent. You will basically double your chances of getting pregnant.

Today, we shall discuss about the things that you can do to conceive faster. Read on to know more.

• Control Or Drop Your Smoking Habit

If you are a heavy or chain smoker, drop the habit immediately. This habit is a known cause for low sperm count and infertility. It has also been linked to fallopian tube blockage and ectopic pregnancies. If you are a woman, smoking is all the more bad for you. This habit makes your body inhospitable for a growing baby and you may risk miscarriage. Your eggs may become damaged or may be of a lower quality.

• Avoid Alcohol

Most infertile couples are asked to drop alcohol before undergoing fertility treatments. If you enjoy your alcoholic drinks a little too much, remember that it will destroy your chances of becoming pregnant. If you really want a child, you might want to consider dropping this habit for the well-being of your future child too.

• Normalize Your Weight

It is not healthy to try and lose a lot of weight in one month if you are grossly overweight. But if you stand to lose a few kilos, you can increase your chances of getting pregnant by shedding them. Similarly, it might be difficult to get pregnant if you are underweight too. If you have very low fat levels, you may not ovulate. Try to keep your BMI within 15.5 to 24.9 to conceive easily.

• Take Notice Of Your Mucus Discharge

You will be familiar with the slippery gooey stuff on your panty. This is called the cervical mucus. Instead of relying on math and your calendar, you can track the amount of mucus that you have. This is considered to be more accurate than following the ovulation method. Intercourse on the day that you see copious fertile mucus will help you get pregnant faster.

• Ditch The Lubricants

It is seen that the use of lubricants reduces the chance of getting pregnant. The cervical fluid produced when you are aroused is considered ideal to support the sperm and eventually cause a pregnancy. The use of lubricants can alter the levels of pH in your system and can prevent pregnancy. If you need a lubricant, you need to look around for one that is sperm friendly.

• Make Sure That You Are Turned On When Getting Intimate

Getting intimate for the sake of having a baby sounds like a dreary chore. It can get very mechanical and stressful. Try to make sex more about fun and celebrating the love you have as a couple instead of focusing on having a baby fast. When truly excited and aroused, the woman secretes fluids that help make her system more hospitable to harbor sperms.

• An Orgasm Helps

While having an orgasm is not necessary to get pregnant, it surely makes getting pregnant easier. It is proven that the contractions that are created during the orgasm help the sperm be sucked into the uterus more efficiently. This will make the chances of getting pregnant very high.

• Just Have A Lot Of Fun

Try to be spontaneous when lovemaking is concerned. You need not follow the ovulation dates completely though sex on those days is more likely to end up in pregnancy. You can just have sex whenever you feel like it. It is said that a daily dose of sex actually increases the fertility of a man because the quality of his sperm increases substantially. So, the more often you have sex, the larger the chances of getting knocked up.

• Sex - The First Thing After You Wake Up

Men have very high levels of hormones in the morning when they wake up. This is the reason behind men waking up with an erection. The sperm count at this time of the day is comparatively higher too. Having sex as soon as you wake up in the morning will make the chances of you getting pregnant very high. It will also add more fun to your sex life.

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