Advantages Of Having Watermelon During Pregnancy

Watermelon in Pregnancy: प्रेग्नेंसी में इसलिए खाने चाहिए तरबूज़, जानिए यहां | Boldsky

A healthy diet is of utmost importance during pregnancy. Not eating right can have adverse effects on not just your health but also affect the unborn baby's health negatively in multiple ways. Going through the three trimesters of pregnancy is not a cake walk.

It involves plenty of hardships that include mood swings, food cravings, etc. One of the most common advices that you tend to hear from all close and dear ones (and sometimes even strangers) is the need to keep eating fruits regularly.

Advantages of having watermelon during pregnancy

However, pregnancy might make you feel reluctant to eat some of the fruits, which you might not find tasty or a hassle to eat. Also, there are a few fruits whose consumption is restricted during pregnancy. It is always advisable to keep yourself updated about the dos and don'ts of eating fruits.

If not sure, your health-care provider would always be available to guide you about the intake of the right kind of fruits. However, one fruit that is healthy in all respect and also a great treat to your taste buds is watermelon.

Eating Watermelon Throughout Your Pregnancy Is Considered Safe And Healthy

Digging into a plateful of watermelon as a healthy snack can be quite advantageous towards your health during pregnancy. Mostly available during the summer, watermelons are considered one of the sweetest fruit that is highly effective in quenching your thirst and keeping you hydrated all day long.

Watermelons are 92 percent water content. This is a summer fruit that is extremely nutritious and contains vitamins A, C, B6, potassium and magnesium.

Watermelons are also high in fibre content, making it a tummy-filling fruit - which also makes it a good fruit to indulge in during pregnancy, as during this time you are likely to feel hungry at short intervals.

Health Benefits Of Watermelon Consumption During Pregnancy

There are several health benefits of watermelon and this is one fruit that you should not miss out on having during your pregnancy days. Read on to know some of the health benefits that this fruit has to offer to a pregnant lady.

• Soothes heart burn

Pregnancy brings about various digestive problems, some of them being acidity and heartburn. Eating watermelon in moderate amounts can soothe your food pipe and the stomach. Due to the cooling properties of watermelon, it is able to give an instant relief from the heartburn sensation.

• Reduces the swelling of hands and feet

Swelling of feet and hands (otherwise known as oedema) is a common problem that occurs during pregnancy for 90 percent of the pregnant woman. Watermelon is high in water content. This makes it effective in reducing blockages in the muscles and veins. Thus, successfully preventing oedema.

• Reducing morning sickness

Morning sickness is quite common during pregnancy. Eating watermelon during the morning hours gives you a refreshing and soothing start to the day. It has energizing and nutritional properties that make it effective in preventing morning sickness. A glass of watermelon juice in the morning should be the preferred drink for every pregnant woman.

• Preventing dehydration

Staying hydrated is essential during pregnancy and watermelon is the best answer to this. Dehydration can lead to major complications such as premature birth due to early contractions.

• Reduces the occurrence of pigmentation

Pigmented skin is a common problem during pregnancy. Watermelons work great in improving the digestion process and smoothing the bowel movements. This eventually and indirectly results in an improved texture of the skin.

• Immunity booster

Consuming watermelon regularly is good for boosting your immunity, which is of utmost importance during pregnancy, as you need to be cautious about not falling sick. Watermelon contains lycopene, which reduces the risk of pre-eclampsia by about 50 percent. This further builds up your pregnant body's immunity.

• Reduces the occurrence of constipation

Constipation is one of the most irritating problems during pregnancy. Disrupted bowel movements can be treated with the consumption of watermelon. Being a rich source of fibre, watermelon is efficient in facilitating stool formation. Also, its water content ensures that the passageway stays clear, thus easing the bowel movement.

• Prevents muscle cramps

A variety of muscular cramps can bother you during pregnancy. Eating watermelon helps your body cope with the extra weight and hormonal changes, thus reducing the aches of muscles and bones.

• Cure for heat rashes

Heat rashes are common during pregnancy that can cause immense amount of itching and skin irritation. The hydrating and cooling powers of watermelon can resolve the heat rash issues to a great extent. Dryness of skin is also treated when you consume ample amount of watermelon.

• Prevents urinary tract infection

One of the ailments that several pregnant women complain about is the occurrence of urinary tract infection. With antibacterial properties and high water content, watermelon can flush out the bacteria from the urinary tract.

• Aids fetus bone formation

Being high in calcium and potassium, proper bone development is facilitated with the intake of watermelon.

• Promotes healthy vision

Watermelon is a storehouse of beta-carotene, which is an antioxidant that is converted into vitamin A. Vitamin A is known to be associated with good eye health. This is known to protect the outer layer of the eye.

With the ample benefits of watermelon, you surely cannot miss out on indulging in this delicious and sweet fruit. When pregnant, it is highly important that you keep your diet on high priority and watermelons are just the right fruit that can solve plenty of your pregnancy-related health worries.

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