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What Is A Missed Miscarriage?


What is a missed miscarriage? There is another name for missed miscarriage. It is 'silent abortion'. The reason why it is known as silent is because the death of the foetus occurs without knowledge.

In fact, even the body fails to realise that the foetus is no longer alive in such cases. That is why the body continues to release hormones related to pregnancy and this makes the woman experience normal pregnancy symptoms even though the foetus is no longer alive.

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This is the reason why it is named as a missed miscarriage. Here are some more facts about this type of pregnancy problem.


How To Know About A Missed Miscarriage?

A routine checkup can determine whether the foetus is doing well. If the doctor finds something wrong with the foetus then the heart beat is first checked. An ultra sound scan can tell more about any issues in the foetus.


Are There Any Signs To Detect It?

There are no obvious signs. That's the reason why it is known as silent miscarriage. In some cases, even bleeding or cramping do not occur. Also, the foetal tissue still remains inside and the body still releases hormones.

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In Some Cases...

In some cases, certain pregnancy related conditions disappear which can be a clue that something is wrong. For example, nausea, fatigue, breast tenderness and certain other pregnancy signs suddenly stop and that is when it is better to go for a check up to ensure everything is fine.


Some Signs...

Vaginal discharge which is red in colour could be an indication. A doctor can tell whether it is a missed miscarriage by trying to detect the heartbeat of the foetus.


What Are The Chances Of A Missed Miscarriage?

Only 1% of women are said to face this rare condition. According to statistics, out of every 100 pregnant cases, 20 might end up as miscarriage and only one may have chances to end up as a missed miscarriage.

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What Causes A Missed Miscarriage?

Certain abnormalities in the chromosomes of the foetus could result in a missed miscarriage.


What To Do After The Miscarriage?

Doctors may suggest a procedure to remove the foetal tissue. In some cases, the tissue is expelled naturally.


Should There Be A Gap?

Doctors generally recommend waiting for three months (or periods) if the couple wishes to try pregnancy again.

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