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Durga Puja 2019: Tips That Pregnant Women Must Follow During The Festival

By Sharon Thomas

Fasting is considered to be a good way to detox the body. It removes all the toxins accumulated over a period of time. The religious significance of fasting is that it purifies the mind, body, and soul. With this, people who fast can devote themselves completely to God wholeheartedly. This year Durga Puja has begun from 28 September and will end on 8 October.

Durga Puja is one such festival in India when fasting is observed religiously. It has been trained for ages and will never die. However, everyone cannot do it, as it depends on the nature of the body too. Pregnant women, for example, must be highly cautious when observing a fast during the Durga Puja time.

In most households, pregnant women are not allowed to fast, considering the growing foetus; but there are situations where one cannot put aside the rituals that have been an intricate part of their lives. This article is for those pregnant women who would like to fast as well as take good care of their baby.


When Is It Safe To Observe A Fast?

Consider the stage of your pregnancy you are in. This is highly essential. If you are in the first or the third trimester, it is suggested not to fast.

This is because, the fetus is very feeble in the first trimester and the chances of miscarriage are higher if any problem arises.

And it is obvious you would not want to trouble your child when he/she is almost ready to meet you by fasting in the third phase. The second trimester is considered to be the safest to fast. Even then, it is better to consult the doctor and get his advice first.


Never Avoid Fluids

Fasting is being without food and water for a long period of time. No pregnant woman can do this, as the foetus as well as the mother require a regular supply of nutrients to stay hale and hearty.

Water is the first option; but there are some sections where water is not allowed during a fast. An alternative for this is vegetable and fruit juices. This can be had once in two to three hours to avert dehydration.

Having tender coconut is also good. Tea and coffee are an exception in fluids, as they can create acidity very easily when solid food is not taken.


Foods That Can Be Had

If food is allowed to be had, fruits and nuts can be consumed in regular intervals. Apples, bananas, pomegranates, almonds, and walnuts will provide the sufficient amount of energy and strength to the body. A big glass of whole milk is suggested before the start of the fast, early in the morning.


Foods To Stay Away From

Foods high in calories must not be taken when fasting. The stomach must feel light, which is why fruits are suggested. Oily foods are a complete no-no in this occasion.

They might probably worsen any problem that can happen to you. Even when breaking the fast, it is always good to have a low-calorie meal as the digestive capacity of the stomach is slower during this time.

You are inviting trouble if you break the fast with a heavy meal.


Listen To Your Body

Every person is not the same. Some pregnant women might complete the fast without any problems and some others might find it difficult to continue. In any case, you must take note of the signs that your body shows when fasting.

On confronting a headache, severe acidity, fatigue, dizzy spells, and any other bodily issues, you must definitely reconsider continuing with the fast. There is no hassle if the condition is manageable.


Do Not Strain

When on a fast, the body is already deprived of essential nutrients. If a pregnant woman does some strenuous work along with this, tiredness will creep in. Simply relax and do not do anything that drains your energy.

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