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8 Surprising Pregnancy Facts That You Never Knew

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Whether you are pregnant or not, there are some facts related to pregnancy and birth, that could definitely interest you.

The minute a woman hears that she has conceived, her entire life changes, as now, her baby becomes her first priority.

A concerned pregnant lady does everything she can and more, to make sure that she remains healthy for the sake of her unborn, and also ensures that she makes certain lifestyle changes, so that her baby can be well-nourished.

Following a healthy diet, practicing moderate exercise, visiting the ob-gyn regularly for check-ups, giving up on smoking and drinking, etc., are some of the most important lifestyle changes one should make when she is pregnant.

In addition to that it is also important for the pregnant woman to make herself aware of certain information, regarding pregnancy and birth, so that she is completely ready.

So, here are some of the most surprising facts and statistics on birth, that could help you become aware of certain things; have a look!


Fact #1

When the woman is around 4 months pregnant, the baby in her womb begins to urinate at least a litre per day and the baby also drinks its own urine!


Fact #2

Many women experience an increase in their footwear size during pregnancy, as their feet tend to swell up due to water retention.


Fact #3

The uterus is a size of a small peach during the initially stages of conception and later on expands to the size of an average watermelon!


Fact #4

A baby inside the womb develops all the fingerprints within 9-12 weeks of conception!


Fact #5

During the end of your pregnancy, it is said that the placenta can produce the same amount of oestrogen hormones that a non-pregnant woman will produce in 3 years!


Fact #6

Many research studies have documented some babies in the womb performing unexpected actions such as sucking on their thumb, smiling and even masturbating!


Fact #7

About 9 in 10 women notice a drastic change in their skin tone during pregnancy, caused by hormonal fluctuations.


Fact #8

It is also noted that some babies cry in the womb, post 6 months of conception; however, they cannot be heard due to all the fluids and tissues surrounding the womb.

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 11, 2017, 15:27 [IST]
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