Reasons For Pregnancy Insomnia

Not only the role of a mother, even pregnancy is like a full-time job that could stress you beyond limits. Current surveys indicate that more than 80% of the pregnant women could experience sleep disorders at least once.

On one side, you tend to feel tired and feel like sleeping and on the other side, if you are unable to sleep well, it could be very frustrating.

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Reasons For Pregnancy Insomnia

Added to all that, the other changes that occur in the body due to the hormonal changes could make it very tough to handle pregnancy. Sleep is your only friend during that time. Here are some reasons behind insomnia during pregnancy.


Baby's Movements

During the last phase of pregnancy, the movements of the baby inside the womb may sometimes disturb sleep. Whenever the baby inside seems to move, you may wake up and may find it difficult to fall asleep again.



Pregnancy could add up to your stress and anxiety levels. In fact, the mere thought about labour could also increase anxiety and result in sleepless nights during the last trimester.

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Cramps In The legs

During pregnancy, leg cramps could also be a commonly experienced problem. They could start mostly in the second trimester. Leg cramps during the night could disturb your sleep as you may wake up all of a sudden due to a strange sensation in the legs.


Frequent Urination

During pregnancy, it is common to experience the problem of frequent urination. When the urge to pass urine occurs in the night, no doubt your sleep quality may get affected. This could even cause pregnancy insomnia. This problem could worsen during the last trimester.


Baby Bump

Another issue that could make it tough to fall asleep is the size of the baby bump. Finding the ideal position to sleep could be very difficult. Take the suggestions of your doctor in that phase.



Sometimes, it could be your diet behind the insomnia during pregnancy. If you are taking coffee or eating any foods that could disturb sleep then maybe you must cut down on them. Ask your doctor.

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Weird Dreams

Some women may also experience weird dreams which could wake them up all of a sudden in the night. Such dreams could cause insomnia. What causes such dreams? Well, anxiety or thoughts about the future, the baby's health and other worries could trigger nightmares in some.

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