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Can Herpes Infection During Pregnancy Cause Autism Symptoms In Babies?

Pregnancy is the time in a woman's life when she has to be extra careful about her health, because, as we know, even the slightest change in her health can directly affect the baby growing inside her.

When a woman is pregnant, her umbilical cord is connected to the foetus inside of her and food passes from the mother to the baby though this cord.

Apart from food, certain infections can also pass from the mother's blood stream to the baby, through the umbilical cord.

So, a pregnant woman must do everything she can to ensure that she remains at the peak of her health during pregnancy.

Numerous research studies on pregnancy health are being conducted globally in efforts to minimise the health complications in pregnant women and their unborn.

Scientists keep trying to find links between certain occurrences during pregnancy, which may affect the foetus negatively.

So, it is important for the pregnant women to keep themselves updated about such news.

Let us find out if herpes infection during pregnancy can cause autism in the kids.

Link Between Herpes During Pregnancy And Autism In Kids

Herpes is an ailment caused by viral infections, resulting in symptoms like painful sores around the mouth and genitals, nervous disorders, fever, etc.

There are 2 types of herpes infections. Genital herpes is sexually transmitted and cold sores (another form of herpes) can be contracted through water, air and any kind of physical contact.

Herpes is a highly infectious disorder and sometimes, it can only be treated and not cured.

Now, coming to autism, it is a serious developmental disorder seen in children, which impairs a child's ability to learn, communicate and interact.

Some of the symptoms of autism are poor muscle co-ordination, inappropriate social interactions, learning disability, speech disorder, impulsivity, etc. Autism also cannot be cured.

A recent research study at the Institute of Infection And Immunity at the Colombia University, has said that there could be a definitive link between herpes infection during pregnancy and autism in kids.

The research study says that the pregnant woman's immune response to the herpes virus, could cause neurological damage in the foetus, leading to autism.

So, a pregnant woman must be very careful, and indulge in safe sex and also take precautions to avoid cold sores.

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Story first published: Monday, February 27, 2017, 17:39 [IST]
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