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Never Say These 7 Things To A Pregnant Woman, Ever!

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If one of your friends or relatives is pregnant, there are certain things that you and the people around her can do, to make the experience easier for her, and one of them is to never say certain things!

Yes, pregnancy is an extremely sensitive time for the pregnant woman, as both her body and mind are going through drastic changes.

The woman's body has to equip itself to accommodate a baby for 9 months, so a pregnant woman's body starts to expand physically, especially at the abdomen, buttocks and thighs, making her gain weight.

In addition, there are a number of hormonal changes happening in the body of a woman during pregnancy, that can cause mood swings, irritability, anxiety, etc.

So, while you are around a pregnant woman, it is important to understand that she could be under a lot of stress and so, you must try to be sensitive to her feelings.

Here are a few things you must never say to a pregnant woman, to avoid offending her in any way!


1. “Enjoy When You Have The Time!”

This statement can definitely cause a lot of anxiety in a pregnant woman, as she may already be experiencing the fear of having more responsibility after her baby is born!


2. “You Look Like You Are Ready To Burst”

This can be a very insensitive thing to stay to an expecting mother, as she may feel extremely self-conscious about her weight gain, which is natural during that phase, anyway!


3. “Did You Take Fertility Treatment?”

There is no need to drudge up memories that the pregnant lady may not want to remember, as the process of getting pregnant could be a struggle for some.


4. “Can I Touch Your Belly?”

Unless you are a close relative or friend, many pregnant may find this request rather weird!


5. “Labour Feels Like You Are Being Ripped Open!”

Many experienced mothers tend to say this to the to-be moms. This statement can only make them more scared and anxious!


6. “You Must Never Eat This”

Pregnant women would be getting enough lifestyle advice from everyone around and they may feel annoyed to hear more!


7. “Hope It Is A Boy”

It is time to get rid of these sexist notions! So, asking the expecting mother to hope for a boy child can be politically and morally incorrect!

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Story first published: Monday, January 9, 2017, 15:21 [IST]
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