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Interesting Facts About Ovulation


Couples who wish to become parents may need to keep an eye on the ovulation days. In fact, couples who don't wish to become parents may also need to know about the ovulation days.

Pregnancy needs to be a planned thing. Following safe birth control methods is better than going for an abortion in case of an unplanned pregnancy.

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Now, here are some more interesting facts regarding ovulation.


Fact #1

A sperm cell can stay alive for 3-5 days after it enters the body of a woman. But a released egg waits for only 6-12 hours. If fertilisation occurs before that, pregnancy may occur.


Fact #2

If your cycle lasts for 30-31 days, your ovulation days could be around 11-14th days. Keeping this rough idea in mind, you can plan your intimacy.

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Fact #3

Another clue that indicates ovulation is cervical fluid. Mucus is released by the cervix. The purpose behind it is the smooth movement of the sperm cell till it reaches the egg.


Fact #4

Some women can instinctively know their ovulation dates as they tend to experience mild pain during the middle of the monthly cycle.

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Fact #5

During the period of ovulation, women tend to look more attractive. This happens without their knowledge more due to the body's internal environment. The voice might also change. The tone of the voice might turn higher than usual.


Fact #6

Even the sense of smell gets heightened during ovulation. A man who smells good will surely turn on a woman who is in the ovulation days.

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