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Home Remedies To Reduce Body Heat During Pregnancy

By Sharon Thomas

The average normal body temperature of a person is around 98.3 degree F. When it comes to a pregnant woman, the body heat increases to a certain extent naturally. It can go up from around 0.5 F to 1 F.

Luckily, this will not affect the baby when proper measures are taken. One reason for body heat is the changing levels of hormones. Another is that the blood flow increases by around 40% in the body of a pregnant woman.

The scenario will get worse when it is summer season because it will be accompanied by sweating, leading to dehydration. The most viable way to get over with it is to drink lots of fluids and this is highly recommended.

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Another method that can be followed is to wear breathable clothes made of cotton or linen. The colours must be pastel shades and not dark ones, which induce more heat. One must be careful not to overheat the body while exercising.

Frequent showers can provide temporary relief but not for long. So, the heat must be controlled from within by consuming foods that cool the body. Some of them are mentioned below.



There is nothing better than just plain water. In summers, cool water can be consumed. It brings down the body temperature drastically and also hydrates, which is the most essential for a pregnant woman.

One can also relax by immersing the feet in some cold water. Get a shower when you feel the heat or just wash your face frequently.


Tender Coconut

Pregnant women must hydrate themselves with at least one glass of tender coconut daily. Doctors also suggest the same.

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The electrolyte composition is very high in tender coconut than other fluids. Moreover, it cools the body to a great extent. It is always better to have it during the day than in the night to avoid catching a cold.



The medicinal values of fenugreek are numerous. It is a staple spice in every Indian household. It gives a cooling effect to the body and acts as a mild laxative. Both the leaves and seeds are good for the body.

The seeds can be had as such or else they can be soaked overnight in a cup of water, strained, and drunk in the morning.



This fruit has high amounts of vitamin C, which is very essential to keep the body cool. Lemon also hydrates and brings a surge of energy to a pregnant woman, especially during the summer season.

Lemon juice can be had by adding a teaspoon of honey and a pinch of salt to enhance the taste.


Basil Seeds

Basil seeds, also known as Sabja seeds or Tukmaria seeds, are often found in many drinks; and falooda is the one that is familiar to all. They have the capability to reduce body heat immediately.

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First, the seeds must be soaked in water for sometime, so that they get bloated. Then, they can be mixed with any natural drink or cold milk. In summers, it is best to have it with rose water.



Mint gives a soothing effect to the body by getting rid of the heat. Cool peppermint tea with a little bit of honey, as the sweetener, can be had several times a day.

A bath with peppermint oil or peppermint-infused water is another option to bring down the body temperature. Any of the two must be added to cool water to get the best results.


Water-rich Fruits And Veggies

In order to beat the heat, vegetables and fruits, which have a high water content can be added to the meal plan. Salads with lettuce and cucumber are great for reducing body heat.

Other veggies include pumpkin, bottle gourd, and many others. Watermelon is the best to have among fruits, especially during summers. Others include peaches, bananas, melons, pomegranate and more.


Fuller's Earth (Multani Mitti)

Most people are aware of how Fuller's earth caters to many beauty needs. The fact is that it also cools down the body temperature.

The results are long lasting. It can be mixed along with sandalwood powder, rose water and applied to the soles of the feet, neck and face. It should be left on until it dries and then washed off.

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Story first published: Sunday, August 20, 2017, 6:57 [IST]
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