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Essential Vitamins For A Pregnant Woman

By Rima Chowdhury

The importance of vitamins in maintaing a healthy body cannot be underestimated, especially in the case of a pregnant woman.

Proper nutrition and diet is not just required to maintain the health of a pregnant woman but is essential for the proper development of the foetus inside the body.

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Due to physiological changes happening in the mother due to pregnancy and the metabolic demand by the foetus, the requirement of vitamins in every woman differs.
So here are essential vitamins that are required by a pregnant woman.


Vitamin B12

According to the experts, a pregnant woman needs 2.5 mcg of vitamin B12 in the body. It is important to see that a pregnant woman gets the right amount of vitamin B12 so that it helps to keep both mom and baby healthy.

Expecting mothers should start taking daily supplements of vitamin B12 at least 3 months before the conception and also for the initial three months of pregnancy.

However, you should always seek a recommendation from the doctor before taking the supplements.



Iodine is also important for a pregnant woman, as iodine helps to improve IQ, reading accuracy and also reading comprehension.

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According to data, it is said that 1/3 of women suffer from iodine deficiency which leads to learning and grasping power in the baby.

Experts say that 250 mcg of iodine is important for a pregnant woman, thus preventing brain damage in a person as well as the new born baby.



Experts say that 270 mg of magnesium is required by a pregnant woman. However, while a mother is breastfeeding the amount of magnesium should be increased up to 320 mg.

Magnesium is required by a pregnant woman as it helps to repair body tissues in the body easily. Deficiency of magnesium may hamper the foetal growth and also lead to a constant hike of the blood pressure in a person.


Folic Acid

600 mcg of folic acid is required for a pregnant woman as it is one among the important nutrients required which prevents in neural tube birth.

During the first three months of pregnancy or while trying for a baby, it is important to take 200 mcg of folic acid in a day. Include more of leafy vegetables, fruits, potatoes and egg to get the right amount of folic acid in the body.



A woman needs 14.8 mg of iron in order to make extra blood in the body which is required by the foetus.

Iron deficiency may result in many complications during pregnancy and while delivering a baby. More than 30 percent of women are affected by iron deficiency and hence it is important to include iron in your daily diet since the first day of pregnancy.

Include leafy vegetables, nuts, red meat and enough amounts of pluses to meet the daily requirement.


Vitamin D

10 mcg of vitamin D is required by a pregnant woman. Vitamin D can help to provide strength and nourishment to the baby during first few months of pregnancy.

In order to get enough amount of vitamin D, you should include more of oily fish, fortified meals and also eggs. Soaking in the sun for 15 minutes is the best way to get some vitamin D. Not getting enough amount of vitamin D may lead to rickets, as the bones of the child may soften.



Generally, 60 mcg of selenium is required by a pregnant woman while the quantity should be increased to 75 mcg while a mother is breastfeeding.

Most of the experts say that deficiency of selenium can often lead to increased risk of miscarriage which can also prove dangerous for a pregnant woman. In order to get the right amount of selenium in the body, you should include a handful of Brazil nuts every day.

Apart from this, here are some more important vitamins required by a pregnant woman.

• 3 mg of thiamine is important for a pregnant woman
• 20 mg of niacin
• 10 mg of vitamin E
• 15 mg of zinc
• 2 mg of riboflavin

Story first published: Monday, June 19, 2017, 16:48 [IST]
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