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Electrolyte Imbalance During Pregnancy


During pregnancy, the number of times you urinate tends to increase. And do you know how this could affect you? Well, you may lose electrolytes.

If your body is deprived of electrolytes, it isn't good for your baby too. If you think drinking sufficient water is enough, maybe you are wrong.

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Taking electrolytes is important to keep fluids move around your system. Okay, how to know you need electrolytes during pregnancy? Well, electrolyte imbalance could show several indications. Here are those signs.



Thirst is one good sign that can also indicate that your body is in need of electrolytes. When you are pregnant, don't ignore your thirst for water. Also, ensure that it isn't an indication of gestational diabetes. To be on the safe side, ask your doctor to do a test.



During pregnancy, swelling could be normal. Certain parts of the body like limbs tend to swell. But swelling could also be a sign that fluids are not moving in a proper way. Taking some electrolyte could help in such situations.

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Constipation could also occur due to fluid imbalances. If your body lacks electrolytes, constipation could also occur. Therefore, get some more electrolytes to keep your bowels moving.



Among many other reasons, even dehydration could also cause a headache. Electrolytes will hydrate you well.



Your body need magnesium and electrolytes to keep your blood pressure normal. During pregnancy, if your BP is high, first try to get some electrolytes.


Morning Sickness

Issues like morning sickness and haemorrhoids during pregnancy may not occur solely due to lack of electrolytes. But your condition will be better if you hydrate yourself and consume more electrolytes.

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