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Study: Huge Drop In Today's Men's Sperm Levels!!


A new study claims that there is a huge drop in the sperm levels of men in the past 4 decades. This news is alarming to all men!

Well, researchers came to this conclusion after studying more than 42000 men! The drop is around 60%. This means that the sperm count of today's men has dropped around 60%!

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If you are a man who is unable to impregnate your partner, then you must read about the results of this study. Here are they.


Are Sperm Counts Dipping?

There were a lot of debates about the declining sperm counts since the past few decades. Some say they have not dipped whereas many researchers who have concrete proof claim that men's fertility levels are declining nowadays.


Data Comparision

The latest study confirmed that its true that most of today's young men are suffering low fertility levels. The results of the latest study which compared the sperm count of today's men and men of the previous generation are reliable.

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What Caused This?

What could be the reason behind this? Well, reproductive health of men is seemingly dipping now and a raise in the cases of testicular cancer is also another disturbing fact.


What If This Continues?

If this falling reproductive rates continue till 2060, a day might come when men have very little reproductive capacity, says this study.


Is Pollution The Reason?

Firstly, the changing environmental conditions are contributing to the falling fertility rates. Men's reproductive fluids are vulnerable to certain environmental pollutants.


What Researchers Say?

Researchers say that a lot more needs to be studied to pin point the exact reason why men are unable to retain their sperm counts till their old age.

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Do Chemicals Damage Sperm?

Men may need to avoid exposure to chemicals like bisphenol which hit fertility. Also, smoking is responsible for damaging the sperm apart from obesity. So men may need to take the necessary precautions to retain their fertility levels.

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