Why You Can't Rely On Home Pregnancy Test Kit

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Home pregnancy test kits are a good way to know what's going on with your romantic life. But wait; are they totally reliable?

Well, it is always better to go to a gynecologist's clinic to confirm your pregnancy or lack of it. Home test kits are only partially reliable.

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But they allow privacy and that is why they are used widely. Also, couples who haven't yet married, feel uncomfortable to go to a clinic for a pregnancy test. That is one reason why they choose a home test kit. But here are some reasons why it isn't a good idea...


Fact #1

The test kit comes with a set of instructions. When they aren't followed properly, the results may not be accurate!


Fact #2

After some time, the test kit turns dry (the urine drops evaporate). That is when both of the lines in test kit appear dark and that looks like a 'positive' result.

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Fact #3

The test kit works by detecting HCG levels present in the women's urine. Testing a bit early could give a false negative result.


Fact #4

Some test kits deliver false positive reports. When it is an unplanned pregnancy, a false positive creates panic.

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For couples who are trying hard to conceive, a false negative could cause depression.


Fact #5

Apart from all these things, surveys claim that single women who get a false positive feel guilty and try home abortion methods that are dangerous to health.


Fact #6

Some medications can also impact the test results showing a false negative or a false positive.

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Some drugs that contain HCG, some tranquilizers, some diuretics and some other medications could also interfere with the test results.


Fact #7

Even certain medical problems like liver issues and tumours (reproductive) could kill the accuracy of the test results.

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