Diseases And Conditions That Can Raise Your Risk Of Miscarriage

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We all know that there are certain factors like unhealthy lifestyle, cigarette smoking, drinking alcohol, living in a toxic environment, etc. that can increase our chances of miscarriage. However, have you ever thought about certain diseases and conditions that can raise your chances of a miscarriage?

Diseases That Can Cause Miscarriage

Today in this article we shall discuss certain diseases and conditions that will increase your chances of miscarriage. So, if you are a woman who is trying to conceive, then make sure you are aware of these and take necessary steps to combat any of the issues that you might be facing.

Diseases That Can Cause Miscarriage2

Women who suffer from PCOS have a high chance of having a miscarriage. These women suffer from irregular menstruation and ovulation because of the high levels of testosterone that they have in their body.

Diseases That Can Cause Miscarriage3

Women who suffer from hypothyroidism have high chances of suffering from a miscarriage. These women have low levels of thyroid hormone which leads to problems with ovulation. These women also find it hard to conceive.

Diseases That Can Cause Miscarriage4

One must remain clean to protect oneself from infections after conceiving. Bacterial infections can cause havoc in the endometrial lining of the uterus and cause miscarriages. It interferes with the implantation of the embryo and leads to miscarriages.

Diseases That Can Cause Miscarriage5

Many people who have structural abnormalities like defects in the shape of the uterus or the cervix are prone to suffer from miscarriages.

Many women who conceive after the age of thirty or forty can suffer from miscarriages. This is because these women could have chromosomal abnormalities in their foetus which can lead to miscarriages or to the birth of abnormal babies.

Diseases That Can Cause Miscarriage5

If you suffer from diabetes or hypertension, then make sure to take proper medications for these even before you become pregnant. These have been found to cause miscarriages.

Autoimmune diseases can also lead to miscarriages. In this case the mother's body considers the foetus as a foreign body and this leads to a miscarriage.

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Story first published: Monday, January 23, 2017, 9:46 [IST]
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