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Does Cuddling Help In Conceiving?


Are cuddling and pregnancy linked? Is it necessary to cuddle in order to conceive? Well, on the surface, getting pregnant may seem to require only a sperm and an egg. But there are so many other factors that can speed up the process or make things easy whether it is conception or pregnancy.

One such hormone is oxytocin which gets released during cuddling process. It can help in calming down your moods, reducing blood pressure and stress. It can also create feelings of love and selflessness.

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This feel-good hormone also prepares a woman for motherhood. Here are some more facts about oxytocin and its role in conception.


Why Cuddle?

Firstly, why do women crave for cuddling after making love? Well, it is because of a hormone known as cuddling hormone. Its actual name is oxytocin. Are cuddling and pregnancy linked? Read on.


Role Of Oxytocin

Oxytocin has other roles too. It helps in keeping the reproductive cycles normal. It also helps in bonding with the partner. Apart form all these, oxytocin also helps a mother care for the baby.

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Other Roles

Oxytocin helps during the painful process of birth. It gets released when the lower areas of the vagina stretch during the delivery of the baby. It also comes into picture during the lactation stage.


Cuddling And Pregnancy

When a man spends more time cuddling with his partner, it helps release oxytocin in the woman which further helps her conceive effortlessly.


Skin Contact

Close skin contact can also release oxytocin. When a couple cuddle, their skins come into contact and that is when oxytocin makes them feel good. Even when a mom holds a baby, oxytocin gets released.

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What Boosts Oxytocin?

Stress can kill oxytocin levels. Anxiety or relationship issues could inhibit this hormone. Peaceful, secure environment at home and a supporting partner can boost oxytocin and this could help in conceiving.


The Role Of Cuddling

Though the levels of oxytocin vary, the peaks are during childbirth. This way, oxytocin in pregnancy can't be ignored. It has several roles to play in areas of life like relationship and the pregnancy.

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