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Reasons Doctors Advice For A C-Section At The Last Moment

Mums-to-be might be set on a vaginal delivery, but what if the doctor told you at the last minute that you have to go in for a C-section, won't you be disappointed?

According to experts a C-section is performed when the baby's head is too big or when the baby is turned in an upside down manner called breech position. A C-section is also performed when the mother has a medical history of diabetes, high blood pressure or heart problems.

If you are unaware of what a C-section operation is, it is the surgical delivery of a baby which involves making an incision in the mother's abdominal uterus and wall.

It is normally considered to be a safer option for delivery, since there are no major risks involed when compared to a vaginal birth process.

On the other hand, C-section operations heal faster, which gives you a chance to come home faster and recover quickly from the delivery.

So, dear pregnant women, if the doctor advices you to go in for a C-section at the last moment, here are some of the reasons why he/she may have suggested the same. Take a look:


Previous C-Section:

If you have delivered a baby in the past via a C-section, doctors advice for the same procedure to be followed with the second birth of your child too. This prevents further complications.


If Labour Doesn't Start?:

If your cervix isn't dilating although you are having contractions, the doctors might advice you to go in for a C-section.


Foetal Distress:

During labour, the mother undergoes severe pain. The heart beat of the mother and the unborn child is regulated. If the mother is exhausted and the foetus looks distress, an immediate C-section will be performed.


A Prolapsed Umbilical Cord:

In some cases, the umbilical cord slips into the birth canal before the baby comes out from the vagina. If this happens, the cord can compress the baby's oxygen supply that might be dangerous for the child during the birthing process. Therefore, in situations like this, a C-section is the only option that can be performed.


Uterine Rupture:

Since there is a lot of physical work involved by the mother, if the uterine ruptures, the baby will have to be delivered via a C-section.


What If It Is In A Breech Position?:

In cases of a breech position (when the baby is either feet-first or butt-first and can't be turned) at the last moment, the doctor will suggest you get a C-section done to bring the baby into the world.


Due To Infections:

Sometimes, the mother might have an infection like an active genital herpes infection or HIV. In these cases, a C-section is done to prevent the baby from getting infected.

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