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6 Things Pregnant Women Want Their Partners To Know

By Asha Das

Pregnancy period is one of the wonderful phases of a woman's life. Each and every moment during this period is so precious for them. Pregnant women will face a lot of emotional issues, mainly due to hormonal changes.

This will result in unusual mood swings. During this time, it is common that women look forward for a support from their partner. Apart from this, sometimes, they want their partners to also do certain things for them.

Usually, the first and last trimesters are hard to handle. Both pregnant women as well as the partner must be aware of many small things to avoid inductile matters.

There are some things pregnant women would want their partners to know. When a lady is pregnant for the first time, the fear will be more, as she is not aware of many things.

This is the time where you can see a would-be mom worrying about her baby, her health and her relationship. Only a partner with patience can handle her. Here is a list of things pregnant women would want their partners to know.


"My Eating Habits Changed"

Yes, food plays a pivotal role during all the three trimesters. Women may not eat or stop themselves from eating, as they are scared of gaining weight or due to the tendency of puking. So, one of the things pregnant women would want their partners to know is that they need food constantly. When the women says she's hungry, she is. Just give something, at least a snack.


"My Mood Swings.."

Mood swings of pregnant women can drive their partners crazy. But remember, you have to accept this throughout the pregnancy stage. They want you to adjust and manage the situation in a cool way. They may get stressed when they hear the word hormonal change.


"I Am Getting Fat"

All women, no matter what age they are, love to hear they are thin and good looking. Unlike other phase of life, pregnancy makes women gain weight and look different. Appreciate and support them. Tell them that you love her the way she is. This is one of the things pregnant women would want their partners to know.


"Pamper Me"

One of the things pregnant women want is utmost love and care. Pamper her, massage her gently and make her feel good. Being pampered will increase her bond with you and this will help to keep the relationship strong.


"Cook For Me"

Pregnant women suffer from vomiting and nausea when they are exposed to the smell of some food items. She will love others to cook for her, especially her partner. This will also help to make her understand how much you love her.


"Yes, I Have Concerns"

Most of the women are scared of having sex while pregnant. Having sex in the first trimester is dangerous, but the second term is perfect. If she is not ready, don't force her. If she gives you excuses, she wants you to know that she is not interested, which you should respect.

Women expect their partners to support them, especially during the phase of pregnancy. So, remember these points that will help you to prove yourself as a good and understanding partner.

Story first published: Wednesday, December 21, 2016, 12:06 [IST]
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