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The 7 Differences Between PMS & Pregnancy

Are you pregnant or is it the signs of PMS? This is one of the things most women get confused about, and in some cases women worry about it over and over again.

Pregnancy signs or the symptoms are closely related to the PMS signs, which is why it is rather mind boggling.

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Experts state that if you've closely seen the signs of PMS and that of pregnancy, you will soon begin to notice the difference between the two.

PMS signs occur one to two weeks before the period; and when it comes to pregnancy, the signs are clearer and much more accurate.

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On the other hand, PMS signs come and go until you begin to menstruate, but for pregnancy, the signs remain and you begin to see the bump as well.

So, today, let us explain to you in detail the difference between PMS and pregnancy. Sit back and relax, and learn the difference between these two:


Abdominal Cramps:

Cramps that last more than a day are that of the PMS. And the cramps that occur for a short while are due to implantation, which according to experts occur shortly after ovulation, not just before a period.


Breast Pain:

The breast pain that lasts for more than a week, which is 7 days, is a common sign of pregnancy. At the same time, a lot of women experience breast pain during PMS and this pain is for a short while. The breast pains because the body continues to produce the progesterone hormone to help support the pregnancy.


When Does PMS Start?:

PMS begins 5 days before your period. However, if you are experiencing pain in the breast and cramping well before these 5 days, it may not be PMS.


Is It A Negative Pregnant Test?:

The best way to determine a pregnancy is to take a pregnancy test. However, most of the tests are not accurate. But, if you want to feel the signs of pregnancy, it is advisable to take the test in the morning, before consuming any liquid, as it will not hinder with the HCG levels in the body.


Lower Back Pain:

When you are in the 3rd trimester, you will begin to have lower back pain, and this is due to the baby weight kicking in. However, if you experience it before, it is a sign of PMS.


Food Cravings:

Women who have PMS cravings usually want to eat salty or sweet foods. And pregnancy cravings are more of the spicy and a mixture of sweet foods.


Missed A Period?:

There are several reasons for a missed period and one of them is pregnancy. So, as soon as you've missed a period, it doesn't mean that you are pregnant. So, it is best to get it confirmed by seeing a doctor.

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