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7 Surprising Changes Your Breasts Experience During Pregnancy

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If you are a woman who is expecting a child, then you will surely be aware of the various physical changes that you may be going through. Surely, you would be experiencing changes in your breasts too during this phase.

Pregnancy is a phase in a woman's life in which she experience a whole lot of changes, both emotional and physical, mostly triggered by the hormonal changes.

As we may have noticed, most pregnant woman gain weight during pregnancy, as they have to accommodate another human being inside them!

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Apart from weight gain, a pregnant woman can also experience physical changes like widening of her hips, fat accumulation in her hips, buttocks and thighs, etc.

A to-be mother can also experience emotional changes like constant mood swings, hunger pangs and even depression during pregnancy.

Another important physical change seen in pregnant woman is, the change in the size, shape and density of her breast.

A woman's breast play a vital role when it comes to pregnancy and child-rearing, as they provide milk to the child.

So, here are a few surprising ways in which your breasts change during pregnancy, have a look.


1. Heaviness

Due to the increased pregnancy hormones in your body and also as the glandular tissues in the breasts expand during pregnancy, your breasts start to feel heavier!


2. Tenderness

During pregnancy, the amount of blood flow in your breasts increase and also the tissues are swollen, due to hormonal changes, making your breasts tender and painful!


3. Veins Look Prominent

You may start to notice that the bluish veins on your breasts look more pronounced when you are pregnant, as they get dilated in order to accommodate the extra blood flow.


4. Nipples Get Bigger

Some pregnant woman notice that their nipples become harder and enlarged, as the the tissue in that region expand during pregnancy.


5. They Leak Milk

During the 2nd or 3rd trimester of her pregnancy, a woman may notice that her breast leak a thick, liquid from the breast, this is nothing but colostrum, or the initial milk which is produced before child birth.


6. Stretch Marks

Due to the increase in size and density, the skin on your breast stretches, making way for stretch marks on the breasts.


7. Sagging

Again, due to the increase in size and density, your breasts tend to sag during pregnancy and may sag a little more after child-birth!

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