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Health Changes To Make Before Getting Pregnant


Getting pregnant may seem easy at first, but there is a lot of effort a man and his woman need to put in before seeing a positive sign on the pregnancy test.

Pregnancy is a phase in a couple's life, in which both the man and woman have to be accustomed to making different changes, and the woman has to take up this responsibility quite seriously.

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According to experts, the woman has to be ready and strong both mentally and physically. Getting the weight checked and following a balanced diet are two of the most important things for a woman to keep in mind.

Simultaneously, she has to get rid of the bad habits too, which are none other than smoking and drinking. When your body has got the taste of these two filthy habits, it takes time for the body to get rid of it.

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So, if you are planning to have a baby in a year's time, doctors advice that you clean your system 6 months or so in advance.

If you fail to detox your body, having a baby can put both the mother and foetus at risk. So, here are some of the health changes to make before getting pregnant:


Get Your Weight Corrected:

Being overweight and underweight is a problem when trying to conceive. It is best to talk to an expert to find out what should be your ideal body weight according to your height, to have a safer pregnancy.


Get Fit To Bear The Child:

Even if you are at your ideal weight, it is important to be physically fit before getting pregnant. Pregnancy has a lot of effects and changes on the body, and your body needs to be healthy and fit to accommodate these changes.


Skip That Coffee Break:

Coffee has a serious effect during pregnancy and even before that. To have a happy pregnancy, it is best to limit the amount of coffee to be consumed. You should also reduce the intake of sodas too.


Let's Forget About Stress:

Stress, the silent killer can put an end to all your dreams of becoming a mother. If you're planning to have a baby in the near future, it is best to find a way to relax and take it easy, as stress affects fertility.


Clean Up Your Diet:

It is better to clean up your nasty diet 6 months in advance of getting pregnant. You should right away add fruits, vegetables, grains, lean proteins (like chicken, eggs and beans) and dairy products to your plate.


Does Your Body Have Folate?:

When your body is enriched with folic acid, it can prevent birth defects in your baby's head and spine. Vegetables, citrus fruits and beans have a high source of folic acid, so make sure to enrich your plate with these nutritious foods.


Get Rid Of Bad Habits:

A research shows that women who smoke before pregnancy have 20 per cent lesser chances of conceiving. So, if you are addicted to the puff, find the time today to throw that butt away.


Seek An Appointment:

Lastly, before getting pregnant, the couple should pay a visit to the doctor in order to know how to cope with various changes that happen to the body during and after pregnancys.

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