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Important Facts About 'Family Planning Surgery' You Should Know!

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Are you a woman who is planning on having a hysterectomy, commonly known as the 'family planning surgery', which can prevent unwanted pregnancy? If yes, then you must know about these hysterectomy facts.

Times have changed, so more and more couples these days plan to have a specific number of children, and after they are done, they resort to various contraception methods that'll help prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Be it due to financial reasons, not having the time for a big family, etc., people opt for certain permanent contraception methods, in order to indulge in sexual intercourse without any hassles.

Hysterectomy, also known as the family planning surgery, is a permanent solution to avoid unwanted pregnancies, in which a woman's uterus or parts of the uterus are removed surgically.

A lot of older women who have already had children opt for hysterectomy, if they do not wish to have anymore children.

So, here are a few important facts about hysterectomy that you should be aware of, have a look!

Fact #1

hysterectomy facts

Many a times, hysterectomy can be used as a treatment for disorders like uterine fibroids and uterine prolapse, and not just to prevent pregnancies.

Fact #2

hysterectomy facts

Hysterectomy can even be performed if a woman is suffering from diseases like uterine cancer, cervical cancer or ovarian cancer.

Fact #3

hysterectomy facts

Many people believe that only women with cancer should get a family planning surgery done; however, the fact about hysterectomy is that even healthy women can get it done to prevent pregnancies.

Fact #4

hysterectomy facts

Some people feel that a hysterectomy should be undergone only by older women who have had kids; however, an adult woman of any age can also get it done if she wishes to not have children.

Fact #5

hysterectomy facts

A fact about hysterectomy includes getting this surgery done when you have conditions like endometriosis.

Fact #6

hysterectomy facts

In a subtotal hysterectomy, only the upper part of the uterus is removed, keeping the cervix in place.

Fact #7

hysterectomy facts

A total hysterectomy involves the removal of the uterus and the cervix completely.

Fact #8

hysterectomy facts

In a radical hysterectomy, the uterus, cervix and the upper part of the vagina are removed.

Fact #9

hysterectomy facts

A radical hysterectomy is performed only in extreme cases if the woman is suffering from a deadly disease such as cancer.

Fact #10

hysterectomy facts

A hysterectomy can be performed either through a vaginal surgery, abdominal surgery or through a laparoscopic surgery.

Fact #11

hysterectomy facts

Many people feel that menopause will occur immediately after hysterectomy; however, this happens only if the ovaries are removed as well.

Fact #12

hysterectomy facts

A hysterectomy fact is that some women think they can never have an intercourse after undergoing the surgery; however, this is just a pure myth.

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Story first published: Thursday, September 29, 2016, 15:54 [IST]
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