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8 Simple Tips to Improve Sperm Count

By Debdatta Mazumder

While talking about sperm count in men, the discussion inevitably paves its way towards male fertility. Less sperm count means poor fertility in men. Now, there are several reasons of a lower sperm count.

If it is due to hereditary factors, then you should follow a treatment method from an early age. But, there are also some reasons that are caused by men themselves.

You can stop smoking and having too much of alcohol to prevent a lower sperm count.

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There are lots of other simple tips to improve sperm count.

Before following the tips to improve sperm count, you should know the reasons of a lower sperm count. Several diseases, too much of stress, obesity, unhealthy food habits, certain drugs that attack sperm cells, etc, are major reasons that hamper male fertility.

Often couples fail to find the actual reason of not conceiving, and the female has to go through several treatments and criticisms.

Men should also be equally responsible enough and check their sperm count immediately in such cases. According to researches, male semen, containing 2 mL sperm, is considered as a normal sperm count.

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If you find any difficulties there, you should consult a doctor. Besides, you can try some simple tips to improve on your sperm count too.

These tips to improve sperm count can bring healthy changes in your lifestyle and make you overall hale and hearty. Read on to know more.


1. Quit Smoking:

If you're trying hard to increase your sperm count by following regular treatment, then don't let everything go in vain by smoking. Tobacco consists of toxins like ammonia, tar, carbon monoxide, metals, arsenic and many more. These cause disastrous effects on your sperm count.


2. Avoid Overheating:

While looking for tips to improve sperm count, this is an important step to follow. Your testicles need to be cool to keep your sperm count in a normal state. Overheating can damage sperm health and can lead to a lower sperm count. So, avoid wearing tight underwear always.


3. Reduce Stress:

This is one of the best and simple tips to improve sperm count. The cause of your tension and stress will be solved now and then, but you need to go through a longer process to treat your low sperm count. Think before being too stressed out.


4. Eat Healthy:

Your food habit is related to your sperm count. Oily junk foods, sugary desserts, caffeinated beverages, etc, hamper your total health and sperm count. Go for a diet which is high in protein and low in fat. Consume enough vegetables and fruits to keep your fertility and motility in a good condition.


5. Exercise Regularly:

While looking for simple tips to improve sperm count, this is the simplest. Work out every day, at least for 30 minutes to enhance fertility. Also, regular exercises can keep your stress level lower and make your immunity stronger to fight diseases, which are the main reasons for a low sperm count.


6. Avoid Masturbating Too Often:

Often men complain that semen is becoming transparent and watery. May be it is because of their furious practice of masturbating regularly. This makes your semen less dense. Regular sex can also do the same. So, control these practices.


7. Keep Yourself Hydrated:

It is suggested by experts that every man should have 4 litres of water in a day to keep the sperm count in a normal and healthy state. Besides, fruit smoothies, yogurt, etc, also increase the sperm count and make men more fertile. But, being hydrated doesn't mean that you can have sugary or caffeinated beverages.


8. Supplements:

If you're under treatment, you'll be prescribed several supplements. You need zinc, selenium, folate, vitamin E, etc, to increase on your sperm count. So, if you want simple tips to improve on your sperm count, eat mushrooms, eggs, brown rice, yogurt, olive oil, beans, etc, as much as you can.

Story first published: Wednesday, April 27, 2016, 9:30 [IST]
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