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MEN ALERT:Disadvantages Of Using Condoms

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Condoms are not reliable when it comes to preventing pregnancy. Are you aware of that? They cause skin (penis) allergies for men and can even make them lose an erection during intercourse. Around 99 percent of men in the world use condoms and the rest, 1 percent don't opt for it (which is a sensible decision).

Today, this article is dedicated to that 99 percent of men who can't seem to live without condoms. If your one of them, here are some of the disadvantages you experience while using a condom. You might be shocked a little just like us, because we all thought it is the best option to prevent pregnancy and sexual diseases.

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So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at why we think using condoms is a complete waste of time and money.

Condoms Are Dangerous - Do you know why condoms are dangerous? If you don't wear the condom of the right size, it can slip out easily while making love. This negligence will lead to unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

It Affects The Mood - One of the disadvantages of condoms is it spoils the mood. Most women dislike the idea of their man using this contraceptive.

Penis Allergies

Penis Allergies - You are prone to developing a rash if the condom doesn't agree with your skin. Men who have sensitive skin usually face the problem of developing blisters on their reproductive organ.

Not Good For The Vagina Too - Condoms are not good for the vagina too. If the latex is not good, the woman can develop vaginal irritation. Even if the condom has insufficient lubricant gel, the woman will be a victim to bruises during the intercourse.

Men With Erectile Dysfunction

Men With Erectile Dysfunction - There are several men who complain that they cannot keep an erection with a condom. This is because of the quality of the latex. If you opt for thinner condoms, it might be of some use. This disadvantage is usually seen in men who have erectile dysfunction.

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