Know Symptoms Of A Miscarriage

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A pregnancy that ends naturally before 20 weeks is known as a miscarriage or spontaneous abortion. The normal tenure of a pregnancy period is 40 weeks while most of the miscarriage occurs within the first 13 weeks. The most difficult part is that it is not always easy to understand spontaneous abortion. Most of the times a pregnancy loss takes place as a chain of events over several days. Women share different experiences of it.

Whenever a fertilized egg cannot develop properly in the uterus a miscarriage is caused. And it not always happen because of your fault. Sometimes many genetic and medical reasons are also responsible for it.

We will discuss a few symptoms of pregnancy loss to acquaint you well with it.

Stomach Cramps- The first sign of a miscarriage is a strong abdominal pain. If there is a severe pain especially on one side of your abdomen then you must immediately consult a doctor. You may even have a back ache for many days consistently. The stomach cramps are similar to menstrual pain that you experience. But there is nothing to fear in the case of mild stomach cramps. Slight cramps might occur due to the body adjusting itself with the growing baby.

Vaginal Bleeding- Vaginal bleeding that is light, heavy, constant or irregular is the first sign of a miscarriage in any woman. Bleeding or clotting at any stage of the pregnancy must be reported to a doctor. But bleeding might also occur during the first trimester of your pregnancy due to cervical irritation or the process of implantation.

No More Symptoms Of Pregnancy- A mother can always feel her child. But if there is a miscarriage then you will stop feeling pregnant. Moreover there are fading pregnancy symptoms like loss of breast soreness and hunger cravings. But these symptoms cannot be completely relied upon. You must always check with a doctor at the time of the occurrences of such symptoms.

Labour Before Time- If there is labour before time at your second or third trimester then before anything else you should definitely consult a medical practitioner. Moreover, you can always be a mother whenever you would wish to in future.

Any woman who has gone through a recent miscarriage needs your help and support to regain both her mental and physical health. It is because a mother feels the loss of her child the most.

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Story first published: Friday, June 15, 2012, 12:02 [IST]
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