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How To Avoid Pregnancy On Your Honeymoon?

Posted By: Sneha
Avoiding Pregnancy
Couples do not want to risk pregnancy in their honeymoon. Honeymoon is the time to enjoy and strengthen the bond between couples. It is the time of unrestrained love making, but this can cause a risk of unwanted pregnancy. There are certain ways to avoid getting pregnant. The best way is women to use contraception. Men contraception methods are also very effective. Some more ways of avoiding pregnancy are as follows.

Couples Must Discuss- The best way to avoid getting pregnant on your honeymoon is to adopt certain birth control methods. Before your honeymoon discuss it with your partner what birth control method you want to adopt. Make sure which ever method you choose you must use it consistently to avoid pregnancy. Emergency contraception can be used but it is not a very healthy option. So plan before your honeymoon what method of birth control you want to use.

Study Your Menstrual Cycle- Make sure you study your menstrual cycle to avoid getting pregnant. The best honeymoon advice is women must know their dates well so that they can calculate their ovulation time. To know your ovulation time their are ovulation calenders and calculators available online. Generally between 7 and 14 days of women 28 days menstrual cycle, is considered most fertile period.
So do not plan your honeymoon during that period.

Women Contraception Using Oral Pills- The best method to avoid getting pregnant is by using pills. Oral pill is a popular method of contraception for women. Pills have to be taken everyday for it to be effective. Women practicing contraception through pills is very effective but may have side effects. So before opting this birth control method consult your doctor.

Men Contraception Methods- The most popular method of men contraception is condoms. They are easily available in all chemist stores. These barriers do not cause harm to your body but are only 98% safe. They are available in various flavors, colours and scents. Condoms not only prevents pregnancy but also protect from the risk of STDs. This can be an ideal honeymoon advice for couples.

Hormone Injections- These injections also helps you to avoid getting pregnant. But these hormonal injections must be taken at the advice of the doctor.

Natural Method- One of the natural method of avoiding pregnancy is for the man to withdraw just before ejaculation. This method has the highest risk, as a small mistake can lead to unwanted pregnancy. This is a natural way of birth control.

Following any of these methods you can make your honeymoon the most romantic time of your life. These honeymoon advices must be kept in mind. Make sure you keep in mind all the pros and cons of contraception. These are some ideal family planning tips for couples.

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Story first published: Monday, March 19, 2012, 17:18 [IST]
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