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Why Babies Breathe So Fast?


As a parent, you must be wondering why babies breathe so fast. When you have a new born baby at home, you tend to watch how your baby breathes. Of course, it is important to observe the respiratory rate of the baby for a few days.

Generally, parents have one common question: why does my baby breathe heavy? Actually, the breathing patterns of a new born is much different from kids or adults.

why does my baby breathe heavy?

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Babies tend to breathe faster. And of course, the breathing patterns tend to be irregular and that may concern you a bit. But actually it is normal. As rapid breathing seems to be abnormal, it is common to worry.

The lungs of a newborn baby tend to be small and they may not have enough space to have enough of air reserve to hold between two inhalations. Maybe that is why their respiratory rate tends to be higher. As the baby grows up, the lungs tend to develop and their capacity increases too.

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What Is Normal?

The normal respiratory rate of a newborn baby (6 months) is 30-60 bpm (BPM- beats per minute). After the baby crosses 6 months, the rate would be around 24-40 bpm. When the baby is between 1-5 years the rate tends to be around 20-30 bpm. As the kid reaches 6 years, the rate would be around 12-20 bpm. In teenage, the rate is generally 12-16 bpm.

How To Check The Heart Rate Of A Baby

You can ask you family doctor to do it. If you wish to check respiratory rate, you can count the respiratory rate for 30 seconds and double it up to get the number for a minute. This way, you will be able to get the respiratory rate in the beats per minute format.

But if your baby has irregular breathing patterns, you may not be able to calculate accurately. Take your baby to a doctor.

How To Count

Notice the number of times your baby's chest rises in a span of one full minute. If you are unable to notice the changes, place your hand gently on the baby's chest to check the number of times your baby breathes.

The total number of breaths taken in a minute can give you the respirator rate. Be very careful and ensure your hand won't cause inconvenience to your baby's breathing patterns.

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When To Check?

If the baby is born at home then it is better to check after 5-6 hours. If the delivery is done at the hospital then the doctors will anyway check the respiratory rate of the baby. If you are concerned about the breathing rate, you can always consult the doctor and get the rate checked again. Generally, babies take some time to get used to the life outside the womb.

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