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Is A Massage Necessary For Your Baby?


Your baby's body tends to be very tender and you may need to be extra careful with everything you do for the sake of the development of your baby.

What about a massage? Can you do it? A lot has been said about massaging your baby. But is it really safe?

Tips To Massage Your Baby

Well, as new parents, you may first need to know about the myths and truths about a baby massage. Here are some facts that will help you get rid of the confusions.


Is A Massage Necessary?

Actually, it is not a necessity! But it is up to you as parents. All it does is helps in bonding with the baby in those initial days and years.


What About Its Benefits?

Though many believe that a massage can help in the development of bones, good blood circulation and in shaping the infant's body, there isn't solid evidence to prove all those claims. But a massage, when done in the right way, helps the parent and the child bond well.

Baby Massage At Your Finger Tips!


What Else Does A Massage Do?

It helps the baby relax. It helps the baby sleep well. Just like adults, even babies enjoy the loving touch and it relieves stress. But other benefits are not yet scientifically proven.


Is There Any Harm In Massaging?

When not done in a sensitive way, a massage to an infant may do more harm than any good. For example, if you ask the baby sitter to massage, he or she may not handle the task sensitively with love. That may actually pain the baby.


Are There Any Other Issues?

Well, if the hands of the person are not clean, the baby may suffer infection due to the bacteria.

Why Your Baby Needs Oil Massage?

Also, the tender body and bones of an infant may not be able to take much pressure. Therefore, it isn't advisable to ask anyone else to offer a massage to your baby.


Then Who Must Do It?

Only the parents and that too, when they are not frustrated or in an angry mood. When you are totally relaxed, only then it is advisable to massage your baby so that your baby can relax well.


Can You Massage With Any Oil?

No. It is better to do it with regular baby oil with fine delicate strokes using your fingers. While doing so, observe the child's reactions as you proceed. Continue only if the baby enjoys. Stop if your baby hates it.

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