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Food Chart For Your Baby


If you are a first time mom, it is very important to consult your doctor and note down all the foods that your baby has to be fed from day 1 till the 12th month.

At a tender age, infants can't digest any random food like an adult. In fact, that is why infants should be given only breast milk till a few months. It is better to avoid formula milk too unless your doctor recommends it.

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Here is a basic food chart to help you during the feeding phases of the first year. Use this only as a guideline. Consult your family doctor for a more tailor-made food chart for your baby.

Basic Rule: Offer only breast milk till the 6th month, gradually start offering fruit juice and slowly start offering solid foods after the 6th month. Solid foods should be pureed fruits or pasted cooked rice. Avoid raw eggs and meat. If you wish to offer boiled eggs after the 7th month, consult your doctor first.


Month 1

During the first month, breast milk should be the first food. It is better to avoid any solid foods during the first few months. Feed your baby with breast milk every 2 hours.


Month 2

Offer only breast milk around 7-8 times in the day. Only if your doctor suggests, go for formula milk.

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Month 3

Even during the third month, offer only breast milk; solid foods aren't recommend in the third month. You can feed your baby once every 4 hours.


Month 4

Fruits juices can be offered after consulting your doctor. It isn't advisable to offer too many varieties of juices. Stick to only one variety of juice that your doctor suggests and prepare it at home.


Month 5

Slowly, you can start offering solid foods after consulting your family doctor. Pureed sweet potatoes, bananas, apples, or cereals. With every spoon of pureed food, add a spoon of breast milk. Offer very small quantities of food in a serving. If you wish to offer a fruit, it is better to puree it first and then feed the baby.

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Month 6

If your baby rejects any food, don't offer it again. Also, you can offer fruit juices. The overall food servings should be around 6 per day.


Month 7

You can offer cooked rice (paste it well), porridge, yoghurt, mashed apples or mashed bananas or cooked vegetables (mashed well). Feed around 6 servings a day. If you are feeding cooked grains, feed only 3 spoons that too only twice in the day. If your baby's capacity is more than that, consult the doctor and serve more food.


Month 8-9

Offer cooked rice (paste it well), fruits, vegetables and yoghurt in slightly bigger portions. But avoid any outside food, soft drinks, chocolate, junk or processed food.

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Month 10-12

Boiled vegetables, cooked rice, yoghurt, milk and seasonal fruits can be given. Avoid nuts, salty foods, cow's milk and raw eggs.

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