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Can Toddlers Eat Popcorn?

Can toddlers eat popcorn? When can kid eat popcorn? Well, the only problem with foods like popcorn is that it can result in choking!

Yes, it is better to avoid feeding your toddler with foods like popcorn until your kid crosses the age of 4 years.

Are you wondering why? Well, the pieces of the corn can get stuck in the teeth first and some of the fragments may get stuck in the throat and result in choking which is very dangerous at that age. Here are some more facts.


Is Popcorn A Choking Food?

If you are wondering why only popcorn is treated like a choking food then you will be surprised to know that even foods like candy, hot dogs, chewing gums, nuts and even grapes are foods in the list of choking foods. Yes, they are all dangerous.


What To Do?

It is better to avoid those choking foods till your kid reaches the age of four years. Waiting till your kid reaches a stage where he can chew the food thoroughly and swallow it may help.


How Does Choking Occur?

Any food that has chances to get stuck in the throat can be seen as a choking food. Why? Well, choking can cause injuries in toddlers. Statistics say that most of the choking hazards occur in the age group of 1-4 years.


Is It Life Threatening?

Yes, statistics claim that some kids even die due to choking. Annually, more than 10000 kids are getting admitted in hospitals due to choking injuries. This data is enough to know how dangerous choking could be!


What Else To Be Avoided?

It is better to avoid foods that are too sticky, too dry, too hard or foods that can't be broken down easily. The diameter of the food pipe of a baby is very small and therefore, you need to feed your baby carefully.


Snacks To Offer

It is better to slice the foods into very small pieces before feeding. You can try apples, bananas, peaches, pears and nectarines. Other foods like cherries, plums or grapes must be finely smashed to avoid choking. In case of veggies like potatoes, broccoli, peas, carrots and cauliflower, it is better to mash them well.

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