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    15 Foods That Cause Acid Reflux In Breastfed Babies 

    By Subodini Menon

    It is no new news that babies are prone to acid reflex and commonly spit up. The immature digestive system of your newborn is only getting introduced to the food. The doctors recommend that a newborn be given only breast milk.

    It is best if the baby is exclusively breastfed until the baby is at least 6 months old. The breastfeeding can continue into the second year or even longer in combination with other nutritious solid foods.

    foods that cause acidity in breastfed babies

    If your newborn is exclusively breastfed, the milk you provide is the only source of nutrition to the baby. This breast milk contains the very essence and goodness of all that you consume as a breastfeeding mother. But any ill effects or side effects of the food you eat can also end up in your breast milk.

    These can lead to adverse effects to your baby's health. Therefore, it is very important that you know what kind of foods are appropriate to be consumed and the kind of foods that need to be avoided.

    Acid reflex or gastroesophageal reflux, as it is called scientifically, can occur due to varied reasons. But among the simpler reasons behind the acid reflex in breastfed babies is the mother's food habits.

    This occurs due to the mother's ignorance about the foods that can cause acid reflux in breastfed babies.

    Today, we shall talk about the various foods that cause acidity in breastfed babies when the mother has these regularly. If you are a new breastfeeding mother, this article can prove to be helpful for you.

    All you need to do to relieve your baby's acid reflex is to alter your diet accordingly. Read on to know more.

    Symptoms Of Acid Reflux In Breastfed Babies



    If your breastfed baby suffers from acid reflex, one of the first symptoms you should look out for is recurring vomiting. This vomiting episode is very different from the normal spit up seen in a healthy newborn.



    Wheezing and cough that seem to be relentless are other symptoms of acid reflex.


    Eating Problems

    If your baby is suffering from acid reflux, your baby will refuse to eat or may show difficulty in eating. If your baby is exclusively breastfed, he/she may refuse to nurse or may seem to have difficulty in nursing. It is often manifested as gagging or chocking.



    Acid reflux in babies can also cause the baby to be in pain. Colic, abdominal pain, heart burn and gas are common causes of pain in breastfed babies with acid reflux. This can be noticed soon after the baby is fed or while the baby is being fed.



    You will also notice that your baby regurgitates a lot. He/she may even regurgitate and then swallow it again.

    Foods That Can Cause Acid Reflux In Breastfed Babies

    It is important to learn what kind of foods cause acid reflex in your baby. These foods must be avoided when the mother is breastfeeding the baby. The common rule to follow is to avoid any food that causes acidity in the breastfeeding mother. We have listed a few foods that can lead to acid reflux in babies when consumed by the mother.



    It is best to avoid consuming foods that contain caffeine if you are breastfeeding anyway. When it comes to the acid reflux in breastfed babies, it is seen that the caffeine tends to relax the lower oesophageal sphincter muscles. It is these sphincter muscles that help in holding back the acids in the stomach. As these become relaxed, the baby will experience acid reflexes. The foods that contain caffeine are tea, coffee, chocolates, sodas and other energy drinks.


    Spicy Foods

    Spicy foods are infamous for causing acid reflux in adults as well as in children. The spices in the food tend to irritate the lining of the stomach and the intestines. The young digestive system of the baby may not be equipped to deal with the spicy food. This may in turn cause acid reflux.


    Citrus Fruits

    Citrus fruits like lemons and oranges tend to irritate the digestive system too. This may lead to acid reflux in the breastfed baby if consumed by the mother.


    Carbonated Drinks

    Carbonated drinks contain gas molecules that are very unstable. These also irritate the lining of the stomach, leading to acid reflux.


    Fried Foods

    Fried foods contain a lot of unhealthy and unnecessary fats. These interfere with the proper digestion in the baby's immature digestive system, which can cause indigestion and acid reflux.



    Alcohol can cause acid reflex in the breastfed baby because it irritates the baby's digestive system. It also works by relaxing the muscles in the body. This will also lead to acid reflex. It is best to abstain from alcohol while breastfeeding for the overall well-being of the baby.



    Peppermint is an irritant of the mucosa of the digestive system in the baby's body. This can lead to acid reflux in the baby.


    Artificial Fruit Juices

    Artificial fruit juices available in the market today are full of preservatives and other chemicals. These chemicals may not be effectively digested by the baby's system and can lead to indigestion. Indigestion, in turn, can lead to gastroesophageal reflux in babies who are breastfed.



    Smoking is a habit that is detrimental to the good health of the baby in many ways. When it comes to acid reflex, smoking causes it by irritating the system of the baby. Staying away from smoking is the best thing to do, at least while being pregnant and breastfeeding.


    Pre-natal Vitamins

    Pre-natal vitamins are prescribed to a pregnant mother to be regularly consumed while pregnant. It is carefully calculated by the mother's doctor to help meet her nutritional needs when pregnant. If these are taken post pregnancy, it might lead to irritation in the breastfed baby. Ask your doctor for vitamins that are best suited to be consumed after pregnancy.



    It is commonly seen that even the adults complain about acidity after they consume cabbage. It is a known irritant of the digestive system if not cooked properly and if consumed in excess. If consumed by the breastfeeding mother, it can lead to similar results in the baby.



    Capsicum has substances in it that can act as an irritant to the baby's digestive system and can lead to acid reflex if consumed by the breastfeeding mother.



    Broccoli is a superfood that every mother tries to feed her children with. But when it is consumed by a breastfeeding mother, it can lead to irritation and acid reflux in the baby.


    Kidney Beans

    Kidney beans are infamous for causing gas troubles in people who consume it. When consumed by a breastfeeding mother, it can lead to gas problems and acid reflux in her baby.


    Black Beans

    Like the kidney beans, black beans can also cause gas troubles and acid reflux in babies if it is consumed by the breastfeeding mother.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, November 28, 2017, 18:34 [IST]
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