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Parenting: Why Boys Love Balls And Not Dolls?

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Generally, children under the age of one year tend to love toys. They play with them. And these toys tend to be gender specific too which means, boys prefer a different set of toys whereas girls prefer different toys.

Why Boys Love Balls And Not Dolls1

Boys love cars and bikes whereas girls like dolls and kitchen utensils. A new study claims that gender identity in the babies may also come into play when it comes to choosing dolls and toys.

Why Boys Love Balls And Not Dolls2

And of course, it is not surprising when your boy picks up toys that signify manliness and your girl chooses feminine dolls.

Why Boys Love Balls And Not Dolls3

A team of researchers carried out a study on babies to detect the role of gender in toy preferences and are surprised to understand that gender plays a role at such a young age.

Why Boys Love Balls And Not Dolls4

Researchers used a set of toys that contained balls, diggers, teddy bears, cars, cooking utensils, and pretty dolls. Surprisingly the boys chose cars and balls whereas the girls chose dolls and cooking vessels. More than a hundred children participated in this study.

Why Boys Love Balls And Not Dolls5

The results of the study proved that during early childhood itself, gender identity rules the preferences of children.

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Story first published: Monday, July 18, 2016, 16:18 [IST]
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