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Vaccination Myths Busted With Their Facts


Vaccinations are important. How many of you parents agree so? Vaccinations should be given to a child so as to ensure that there is a better development with the little one in the future.

Doctors suggest parents to take up the initiative and get their child vaccinated at the earliest, even before the baby turns a year old.

Believing in silly myths will only cause disaster in your baby's life. You may have to come across a lot of myths on vaccination, and you would have blindly believed in them too.

People themselves would have told you that vaccinations are dangerous, as they hinder your child's immune system or they cause infant death syndrome.

They would have also mentioned that vaccinations cause autism and other disorders. Well, none of these myths are factual.

Here, in this article are listed some of the vaccination myths that you need to put to rest.

Doctors suggest that every parent should get their baby vaccinated, so that they can be prevented from a lot of harmful viruses and other diseases that surround them.


Vaccines Cause Autism

Scientific studies and reviews continue to show no relationship between vaccines and autism. On the other hand, there is no relevance with other diseases too.


It Will Affect The Immunity

Your child can receive up to 23 shots by the time he/she is 2 years old and as many as six shots at a single doctor visit. None of these vaccinations will affect the child's immunity, it will in fact build your child's health.


Will Vaccinations Invite The Killed Disease?

Most vaccines that are given today to the little ones, like meningitis and DTaP, contain killed vaccines that are not live agents, which can replicate in the body of the child and enable the vaccinated disease to develop.


Vaccinations Contain Preservatives

Yes, every vaccinations does have a compound that prevents the vaccine from being contaminated by bacteria. Vaccinations contain a form of mercury called ethylmercury, which has no side effect on the body. In fact, this compound gets released very quickly from the body after the injection.


Child Suffering With Cold

You should know that a low-grade fever, mild respiratory infection or a little diarrhoea will not affect the vaccination the child has to take. However, if the child is suffering from high temperature and is completely sick with a feeling of fatigue, taking the vaccination will be risky and could make the child more sick.


Vaccinations Give 100% Protection

Not so. The best vaccines are those made with live weakened viruses, such as MMR and chicken pox, which are about 95 per cent effective. The effectiveness of vaccines made with killed, or inactivated, virus is between 75 and 80 per cent. In simple words, it means that although you are vaccinated, you can still get the illness.


Not Suitable For Babies

Some parents prevent giving their little ones vaccinations because strange myths state that only when the child grows older it is the right time to get them injected. However, getting the child vaccinated when they are a baby is much more effective and works better in terms of prevention.

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Story first published: Friday, March 4, 2016, 14:30 [IST]
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