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Do You Know The Importance Of 'Baby Burping'

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Apart from pampering your newborn, glaring into their little eyes and whiffing their soft round head, as a new parent, you should pay attention to a few things that the elders tell you, to help you be a better parent.

Burping your baby after feeding him or her is important, switching him/her to different sides while sleeping is equally important and allowing him/her to sleep well through the day will benefit his/her growth.

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Today, Boldsky shares with you the importance of making your baby burp after feeding him/her.

While feeding the little one, air is inhaled through the mouth and this air gets trapped in the gastrointestinal system and needs to be released.

If the air is not released, the baby will feel uncomfortable and this might hurt the tummy too.

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Experts also state that when these little gas bubbles get stuck in your baby's tummy, they can cause a feeling of fullness and discomfort. This uncomfortable feeling will automatically make the baby cry or squirm.

So, new parents, here are some things you should know about making a baby burp. Take a look at why your little one should burp after a feed.


How Does The Baby Get Gas?:

There are three ways in which babies can develop gas in their tummy. One is through the process of digestion, second by swallowing air while consuming food and third, food intolerance (if the baby does not agree with the formula).


How To Burp The Baby?:

There are two best positions to help your baby burp with ease. Hold the baby in your shoulders. Hold the head of the baby upright and tap the back gently. Wait for a few minutes and you will soon hear a tiny burp.


The Sitting Position To Burp:

The other position is to make your child sit on your lap, using your arms and hands to support the baby's body and head. Use your other hand to pat the baby on the back, allowing him/her to burp.


When To Burp The Baby?:

It is necessary to burp the baby after a feed and during the feeding breaks. For mums who are breastfeeding, it is important to burp the baby before switching breasts.


Is The Burp Enough?:

If the baby still feels discomfort after burping, it only means that the gas from the tummy is still there. To remove the gas, try other burping methods; and if that fails, you can let the baby sleep on the tummy while still awake. It will help him/her feel comfortable.


What Happens If The Baby Does Not Burp?:

If the baby does not burp, the gas in the tummy will make them feel very heavy and uncomfortable. Ignoring to burp the babies will make them feel suffocated, and this may even make them throw up all the food that is consumed.

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