How Papaya Benefits Your Baby

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Once your baby starts feeling comfortable with solid foods, you can gradually allow fruits and vegetables. After your baby crosses a year and a half of age, riped mashed papaya can be offered in small quantities.

You may need to wait till your baby gets used to eating papaya before you offer it in bigger quantities. Also, observe whether your baby is comfortable. If you see any reactions in your baby, immediately stop feeding him with a papaya.

It is better to consult your doctor before you offer papaya to your kid. Also, ensure that you offer only a a teaspoon of ripe mashed papaya in the initial stages.



Papaya can also be applied on the skin to cure sores, ulcers or burns. If your baby complains of burning sensation due to a rash on skin, try to apply papaya paste.



If your kid is unable to pass bowels on time, offer him a teaspoon of papaya paste twice a day. It can work like a laxative and help in treating constipation.



A small quantity of papaya in your kid's diet would enhance digestion.


Intestinal Worms

Babies who are above a year can be treated with papaya in case of intestinal worms. A teaspoon of papaya seed powder when taken with honey for a couple of days can eliminate intestinal worms.


Colon Cancer

The antioxidant content as well as the fibre present in papaya can effectively prevent certain diseases related to colon and the digestive system.



As it also contains vitamin C, the immunity of your baby will be strengthened. Certain types of infections can be prevented.

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