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Can Gestational Diabetes Cause Obesity In Kids

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A new study claims that kids of mothers who suffered gestational diabetes are prone to higher levels of body fat compared to other babies.

Can Gestational Diabetes Cause Obesity

This new study further says that babies of mothers who had gestational diabetes were born with normal weight, but after a couple of months displayed at least 15% of extra body fat when compared to other babies of healthy mothers.

Can Gestational Diabetes Cause Obesity2

This study points to the changes that gestational diabetes could potentially cause in the baby during childhood. There could also be another risk in such cases. Those babies may have higher chances of developing diabetes when they grow up into adults.

Can Gestational Diabetes Cause Obesity3

One reason could be the metabolic changes that occur in baby when he is still in the womb. Another reason could be the breast milk of a mother who is suffering from gestational diabetes.

Can Gestational Diabetes Cause Obesity4

Generally, pregnant women who develop gestational diabetes tend to experience high blood sugar levels when they cross 7 months. The reasons for suffering gestational diabetes could be obesity or even genetics.

Can Gestational Diabetes Cause Obesity5

Though this kind of diabetes resolves itself after delivery, the risk of developing diabetes again in a woman's life will still be there.

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Story first published: Saturday, May 14, 2016, 8:32 [IST]
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