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7 Best Ways To Stop Breastfeeding Your Child

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Do you have a child who is soon going to be a toddler? Are you breastfeeding your child and thinking of weaning him/her off the breast milk?

If yes, then you must surely have a few concerns when it comes to weaning your child off breast milk, especially if this is your first child.

Breastfeeding is often considered to be a special act that is shared between the mother and her child, which can strengthen their bond.

As many of us might know, breast milk is extremely nutritious and is very crucial for the growing infant, especially during the first few months after birth.

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Many a times, if the infant does not receive enough breast milk, it can cause a lot of nutritional, psychological and even developmental disorders.

It is said that there is no substitute to mother's milk for a growing infant.

However, there comes a time when an infant is growing up to be a toddler soon and so the mother has to wean him/her off her breast milk.

Here are some of the best tips to follow while you are weaning your baby off breast milk.


Tip #1

Weaning breast milk must be gradual, start by reducing the frequency of feeding your baby and then gradually stop, as your child must get used to the process.


Tip #2

You can try substituting breast milk for bottled milk or juice and give it to your child whenever he/she cries for breast milk, they will eventually get used to bottled milk.


Tip #3

You can try to change your child's daily routine in an effort to distract your child from craving for breast milk, you can put him/her to bed earlier or later than the usual time.


Tip #4

You can also try to distract your child with other activities when he/she cries for breast milk, like, reading a story, singing, cuddling, etc.


Tip #5

If your child is over a year, then you can give him/her a few healthy snacks when he/she is hungry, they may start to like the snacks better and tend to forget about breast milk.


Tip #6

You can resort to a few tricks, like telling your child that you have run out of breast milk or by letting your partner put your child to bed, instead of you.


Tip #7

This old trick where mothers apply garlic juice on their nipples, so that the child does not feel like drinking the milk, due to the strong odour, can also help in weaning!

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