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Why Is Your Baby Going Bald?


There is nothing abnormal or funny about a bald baby. Many babies are bald when they are born and start sprouting hair later on. Mostly, premature babies are born bald because they do not get time to grow hair while they are in the womb.

However, if your baby was born with a head full of hair that starts disappearing after some time, you might be worried that your baby is going bald. Baby hair loss is a common problem, so do not get alarmed.


Most baby have hair loss at around 3 months of age. The reasons for hair loss vary but it is mainly due to hormonal changes. You may feel that your baby is going bald but that is not the case. Listed below are some reasons your baby loses hair.

Hormonal Changes

When the baby is in your womb, he or she is exposed to a lot of pregnancy hormones. As soon as the baby is born and the cord is cut, its hormonal levels change. This makes the baby's hair fall cycles change. Most babies lose the hair they were born with.

Resting Phase Of Hair

You are aware that hair grows in cycles. Your baby's hair might be in resting phase. This means your baby's hair will fall off and re-grow again. We do not notice the resting phases of our own hair because we have lots of hair. But for a baby, this hair growth cycle might be very obvious. It will make you believe that your baby is going bald.

Sleep Positions

Your baby's hair might fall out in patches due to the position he or she sleeps in. If you baby sleeps to the side, the soft scalp will rub against pillows and mattresses again and again. This makes the hair fall out.

Cradle Cap

Cradle cap in babies is a common condition. The oil glands of the baby's scalp become hypersensitive due to hormonal exposure in the womb. This makes the skin of the scalp come out along with clumps of hair. This can also lead to yeast infections that will require medical attention.

When Should You Worry?

If you baby is still losing lots of hair even after a year, then you need to worry. Your baby's hair growth cycle should settle down before he or she celebrates the first birthday. If this does not happen, it could mean that your baby has some kind of iron deficiency or malnutrition. See a pediatrician to ensure your baby is healthy.

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Story first published: Friday, July 11, 2014, 16:19 [IST]
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