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Simple Ways To Keep Baby's Hands Clean


A baby's hands always have to be clean, no matter what. This is one of the important parenting tips to keep in mind. As soon as your baby begins to crawl, make sure you keep a check on his little palms. It is only common that a baby puts his fingers constantly in the mouth. Mums have to keep cleansing their palms with a clean cloth or a baby wipe. Washing their hands at regular intervals also does wonders.

When you wash your baby's palms, you should remember to wipe them dry. Keeping their palms wet will cause skin irritations and other problems as they generally clench their hands, most of the time. Trimming their finger nails is also vitally important and should be done on a weekly basis.

There are simple ways to keep your baby's hands clean. Take a look at how you can keep them smelling sweet and shining bright:

Warm Water

Warm water is the safest way to keep your baby's hand clean. After your baby has crawled up to you, make sure you dip his palms into a mug of warm water.


Cotton Balls

The best way to keep baby's hands clean is with the help of a cotton ball. Keep cotton soaked in a jar of water. Every time your baby has finished his share of crawling, wipe his fingers with the wet cotton. Don't forget to wipe his hands dry after that.

Wet Wipes

Keeping baby hands clean with a wet wipe is a fine option. There are a variety of wet wipes available in the market that can be used to keep away germs.

Antiseptic Lotions

After your baby has finished crawling, make sure you apply an antiseptic lotion on the palms. This will instantly kill the germs from their little palms. Wash their hands with water and wipe dry.

With A Little Bubbles

The best way to keep your baby's hands clean is to dip his/her fingers in a mug or glass filled with bubbles. This trick will work as your tiny tot will be fascinated by the bubbles.

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