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Fascinating Facts About Babies Every Parent Must Know


Did you know for a fact that a newborn is born in this world every few seconds? Well, that itself is proof enough of how startling facts can be when it comes to babies. For every mother, the birth of her child is a moment that just cannot be described in words. As a parent who is awaiting the birth of his or her newborn, there are some facts you must definitely know about babies. In this article, we look at some facts about Babies that will blow your mind. For instance, here is something for one of the many startling facts about newborns- the month of may sees the heaviest babies being born.


Let us go ahead and look at some of these amazing facts about newborns. These can be classified under facts about infants and facts about babies in the womb as well. Here are some incredible facts about newborns. Read on...


The Month Of May

Babies born in the month of may are heavier in comparison to babies born during other months.


The Smell Of The Mother

Babies can identify the smell of the mother right from the time of birth. Within a few weeks, they make a visual identification as well.


No Kneecaps

Let's begin with the first one of those interesting facts about newborns- they do not have kneecaps.


Babies In The Womb Can Hear

This is an incredible fact you must know about babies in the womb. Babies in the womb can hear quite distinctly. Reading to them and playing music close to your womb is known to stimulate their brain.


The Salt Fact

Babies cannot taste salt until they are about 4 months old. This is due to their underdeveloped kidneys which process sodium in the body.


The Only Sense Organ

A fact about babies in the womb: The only sense organ to develop fully before birth is the inner ear. All other sense organs aren't fully developed.


The Priceless Smile

Humans are the only primates that smile after birth at their parents, which implies, babies are the only things that smile at their parents in comparison to other primates.


They Can Breathe and Swallow At The Same Time

Here is one of those incredible facts about infants. Until they are seven years old, babies can eat and swallow at the same time. Quite a skill, don't you think?


Natural Swimmers

Babies are born with natural swimming capabilities. They can hold their breath in the water. This ability is mostly because of the atmosphere they are subject to in the womb. However, the ability speedily disappears with age.



At birth, babies have 300 bones. Adults on the other hand have 206. Bones fuse over time to result in numbering 206.

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Story first published: Monday, November 10, 2014, 10:33 [IST]
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