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Fun Ideas To Dress Your Baby On Children's Day


Children's Day is only a few days away. It is the day when you little ones need to be pampered a bit more. The celebration of Children's Day in India usually involves fancy dress contests, poetry recitals, skits and the likes. Many clubs and communities also organise baby fashion shows in which the parents show off their little ones in the funniest attires.


Needless to say that every parent wants to make their kid look spectacular among the rest. Therefore, choosing the right kind of attire is very important when it comes to such kind of fashion shows or competitions. The dress that you choose for your baby has to be cute, funny and yet comfortable to your baby. It can be quite tricky to dress up your baby for fancy dress competitions and the likes because babies tend to be very moody most of the time. So, make sure you look after his/her comfort before you choose the attire.


Nowadays, there are many fancy dresses designed for babies, keeping in mind their comfort and style. The fancy hats, soft rabbit hats, leopard prints and furry skirts can be the best choice for babies to dress up on Children's day. The rest, is upto your imagination.

Fancy dress ideas do not bloom to an adult's mind so easily. Parenting kids is all about overcoming these small challenges. You have to be excited about your baby's fancy dress competition. Only when you are enthusiastic will you be able to come up with the best costumes for your baby.

We are here to suggest you with some cool and fun ideas to dress up your baby on Children's Day. Take a look.


The Teddy Hat

Starting with the easiest teddy hat for your baby, it is sure to attract people's attention. Normal baby clothes with a big teddy hat will make your baby look like one of those soft toys we all crave for.

Courtesy: Baby Beauty Nandini


The Little Lady

Pick up the prettiest frock from her closet and top it up with a matching hat. Your little lady is sure to go places!

Courtesy: Baby Anusha Dey


Keep It Simple

Not all babies are comfortable with fancy attires. So, for them, keep the look simple and comfortable.

Courtesy: Baby Aashu


The Indian Beauty

Nothing's cuter than a baby dressing up in Indian attires. Get a little ghagra choli for your baby doll. Dress her up and put that little bindi on her forehead.


The Leopard Baby

Leopard prints never go out of fashion. Dressing your baby in a leopard print baby suit seems the most feasible idea.


Your Baby Krishna

Bal Gopal or baby Krishna is one of the most versatile fancy dress costumes for little boys. All you need is a crown with a peacock feather stuck in it.


The One In Dhoti

Dressing up your little boy in a dhoti kurta is one of the cutest spectacles. Nowadays, the dhoti kurta for babies are styled like adults which is all the more cute.

Courtesy: Baby Srihan


The Polka Baby

Dress your baby in a polka frock with a bow hairband to finish off her look. Pair it up with cute shoes to make a lasting impression.


The Pink Bunny

Who doesn't like bunnies? They are the most adorable beings and the one dressed in pink is one of a kind. A baby pink dress with pink furry shoes and a pink bunny hat is sure to make your baby the winner.


The Tribal Baby

Give your baby tribal look without much hassle. You have to undress him/her on the top and get a fur skirt for the lower part. Then just tie a feather around his/her head. Your tribal baby is ready to go!

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