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Infant Ear Piercing Care

By Gowrish Babu
Many parents pierce the ear of their children at an early age and due to pain the child gets fever and headaches too. The right age for infant ear piercing is after five to six months, so that the baby will forget the pain easily.

Before getting your baby"s ear pierced, you should be aware of the consequences that will arise.

Keep in mind these tips before you get your infant"s ear pierced.

1.Before you get your child"s ear pierced make sure that all her vaccinations are up to date.
2.When you take your baby to a piercing salon, make sure to see if the needle is sterilised.
3.Ask the professional to numb your baby"s ears before they pierce it.
4.It is advisable to use gold jewellery, the first time you pierce, as gold helps the wound to heal faster and also helps to prevent infections.
5.After the ear is pierced, clean the ear gently with cotton dipped in alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.

The after care of piercing is the most important. Here are some tips to care for your infant"s pierced ear.

1.With a good antiseptic, clean the wound gently for the next one week.
2.Turn the earrings once or twice daily so that it gets healed fast.
3.Keep in mind not to change the earring for at least a year.
4.Ensure that the earring is constantly on her ear to avoid the pierced hole to close.
5.With cotton dapped in alcohol, wipe the back and front of her ears gently.
6.If your baby has developed any kind of ear infection or redness, it is best to consult the doctor immediately.

Getting your baby"s ear pierced should be done with ample care. Make sure it is done with a sterilised needle. Don"t dose your infant with pain killer drugs after her ear piercing.

Story first published: Tuesday, October 12, 2010, 12:43 [IST]
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